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Latest BFF Update March 6th, 2007

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Releasing God's truth to the world!

Summary of BFF Recent Updates

The Goal and Design of Marriage: Intimacy

Reviving our Personal Devotions

Reviving Our Personal Devotions

Update BFF 7/2/2002

Developing Love in Your MarriageDeveloping Love in Your Marriage

& 3 Life Changing Messages

UpdateBFF 8/2/2002

Update 8/27/2002 Detecting Error In and Outside the Church - cults

Detecting Error from Without and Within the Christian Community

- A Discussion of Cults & Error -

Update BFF 8/27/2002

Strengthening Godly Marriages: The Marriage NavigatorThe Marriage Navigator

Over 60 articles on marriage: Grouped in 3 catergories: premarital, strengthening and troubled.

Update BFF 9/17/2002

Isaiah the Book Background

Isaiah for Life Change

Book of Isaiah Overview
& Specific Practical Studies

Update BFF 10/8/2002

Understanding Genuine Revivals

Special studies on 2 Chronicles 7:14
"If my people ... heal their land."
& Other Practical Studies on Renewal

Update BFF 11/16/2002

The Book of Haggai

The Bible Teaching Commentary, Introduction with charts,
Basic and Advanced Bible Study Questions, &
Two special studies: Biblical Leadership and 'Overcoming Discouragement and Depression'

Update BFF 12/05/2002

The Book of Genesis

Introduction & Genesis 1:1-2:17
Introduction with outlines, charts & diagrams,
Class notes, assignments and quizzes are provided along with
Living Commentary: truth for our common lives.
The weaknesses in your life are those areas that have poor foundations and need rebuiding now.

Update BFF 1/22/2002

Understanding Genuine Revivals

Revival Overview Page
Revival from God is our Only Hope
One of the most powerful forces in the world is revival. When the Almighty God decides to change history to further the advance of His kingdom, He revives the church of God.
Examples of Revival, The Process of Revival, Spiritual Decline (Revival in reverse), Exhortations for Revival, and Questions regarding Revival are all included in this exciting series.

Update BFF 4/14/2003

The Biblical Parenting Principles Seminar

Parenting Overview Page
God's design for parents is found in His Word.
The Biblical Parenting Principles seminar uses God's principles to help God's people withstand the attacks of the modern culture and bless them with great families.
The idea is simple. God is the Designer. Parent His way!
Biblical truths are combined with practical insights gleaned from many years of countless parenting opportunities. New insights arise each day in raising eight children, ages 18 months to 24 years! Enhanced with diagrams, slides and graphics!

Update BFF 6/04/2003

It is time to renew your confidence in God's Word!
Many of us have tucked the 'sword of God' away because we don't believe that it works anymore. This is not true. Just let the blade of the sword touch your heart and you will see its powerful effect.
Come and see the origins of the Bible and restor your confidence in His Word. Six intriguing questions are answered in the process of restoring our faith in Him.

THE FLOW: Establishing a Growth Pattern in the ChurchTHE FLOW

Establishing a Growth Pattern
in the Church

The goal of many local churches is to maintain their last year's program. Others are trying hard not to die. Have you ever wondered with me, "Why don't God's churches grow more?"
THE FLOW aptly uses the beautiful analogy of a river to describe the good and natural work that God desires to do in churches through four different levels of discipleship training.
THE FLOW shows how a flaw in the churches' training process holds back God's truth from being effective. Many charts highlight the problems and solutions to making your church one in which God's powerful stream of grace flows through your lives.

Deep Magic and Reality

Who is explaining the world of magic to the average person? They get involved in witchcraft, sorcery and other occult practices but never hear what God has to say about them.

They become ensnared by dark powers, but Christ can set them free! Our first series introduces the dark world of deep magic in a way that most can understand.

Understanding the Dark World

Our second collection of articles is addressed to Christians with lots of questions about the occult. They hear lots of things about demon possession, Satan, exorcism and other matters from every different source. But they are not sure what God's Word says about them.

Now is your opportunity to further explore these issues with your Bible in hand.

Principles & Problems
for Urban Church Planting

Church Planting Slideshow start

See how some a real life church came into being!

Four principles of God's Word are highlighted from this case study. Real situations and photos from Taiwan are used to illustrate the truths and purposes of planning, handling difficulties, learning to pray in faith and having loving teammates.

Some things which should be observable were not. We look at discipleship planning, leadership training and instilling vision as three problems that held back that church from being a better church.

Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT)

Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT) enables church leaders to train men desiring to enter full-time ministry while they continue to serve in their own home church! Men need to be tested, proven and trained in their local situation. Why send them off never to see them again?!

Our courses focus on supplying the needed training for those interested in ministry. Five course modules, each consisting of two major projects, are available without cost.

Easter Messages & two series updates

Jesus rides a colt on Palm Sunday triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

The Significance
the Triumphal Entry

"Another View of Christ's Passion"

Luke 19:35-38

The Hope of the Resurrection

Building A Great Marriage!

By studying God's design we get a special picture of marriage. Not only do we discover that God wants us to have great marriages but that He has a way to get each couple there.
Three life principles from God's Word enable us to easily understand God's design for marriage which in turn help us see what the marital problems are and to make the needed corrective measures.
Each of the ten graphic-filled sessions have ten pages reading and a great handout for class! Come and see how God wants your marriage not just to be okay but GREAT!

Godly Beginnings

for the Family

Bucknell family 2003God knew we needed a lot of practice. He gave us eight children! But why wait for your children to grow up to discover your flaws in your parenting skills? This series helps parents to raise children right from the start.
This series is filled with practical advice on producing godly families: pre-birth, during birth and post-birth. Each of the eight graphic-filled sessions have an extensive article along with a handy outline for class!
Start rasing a godly family right from the beginning.

Properly Preparing

for Full-time Ministry

Although having a person in your congregation sensing a call to full-time ministry is a blessing, it also often brings much confusion.
The person being called doesn't know what he is suppose to do next. People might tell him that he needs to go to seminary, but he could be better trained in so many different areas before any formalized training.
The church leaders are also confused. They do not know how to get someone that is young mature enough to minister. They wrongly just let the 'called' person find his own way in the dimly lit path.
We here present two mini-series that address these issues from both the called and the church leaders perspectives. It is time we grab better hold of our opportunities to train godly men for ministry. God does not care half as much for academics as training of personal relationships, personal character and spiritual disciplines. The best trained men are trained by their leaders right in their own church.

The Gospel of John Series

"That believing you may have life in His name!"
John has a way of stepping into our modern culture and providing up-to-date challenges with deep personal instruction.
The Elder John uses the simplest vocabulary to get across the deepest and most powerful ideas.  So whether you are leading a Bible study, making your message relevant,  preaching or just trying to refresh your heart with Jesus' words, turn here. You will not regret it. You like me will be touched by the words of Christ.   The message is simple: Jesus is greater than what the world offers so step deeper in your belief in Christ.

The Book of Acts

"Even to the remotest part of the earth!"

Luke finishes writing the redemptive New Testament introduction with this book that takes us from the point of Jesus' resurrection right to the preaching of the Gospel in far and remote places.

Acts is not just a history book. The words and teachings are crucial to rightly understanding how the church is to move forward. Just like the book of Joshua, we are to learn from the battles of others. Included in this update are numerous articles thoroughly discussing selective passages. Updated maps of Paul's journeys are included.

The Book of Micah

"As for us, we will walk in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever!"

Micah 4:5

Each of us thinks those people over there are wicked and naively thinks our sector of society as holy and good. Not so God says.

Micah is called of God to pull each of us into a place where we have no choice but to understand what God thinks of society. God does not only show us the dangers of the societal evils but holds us responsible for change and calls us to join God's people.


Does your church face the problems that I hear about again and again?
"Our people don't want to get committed."
"Our leaders don't get along with each other."
If so, your people need to be trained. That is right. They need to be discipled just like Jesus told us to do.
Cross Training is a specially designed set of 12 booklets to encourage and enable the church to effectively train their people. Besides laying the basic foundation in Christian life and theology, the Cross Training discipleship booklets tackle the lack of commitment and love.
The secret behind the power of these training booklets are the way they unleash the insights found in the relationships that are commonly referred to in the New Testament. They are an excellent way of training others to not only rightly meet God but others too.
Read on and you will see how it does this.

Cross Training Update July 25, 2005 (Complete set)

A Basic and Effective Discipleship Training Series for the Church

The Making of a Godly Leader

Isaiah 53

You can be a faithful disciple of Jesus too! Learn how Christ made Himself available to do His Father's will no matter what difficulties that He faced.


JOB - The Bible Teaching Commentary

Job: Facing the Tests of Life

Rightly understand life's testings so that we
will faithfully serve and trust God during difficult times.

The Book of Job introduces astonishing insights into how we can live above the devastastions that impact our lives and those around us. A close look at the five sections of Job not only help establish this much needed approach to life but also prepare the way for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Clearly this Book was early on carefully planted by our God in the community of God's people to help ready their hearts and minds for God's grace that they might never miss it.


1 JOHN - The Bible Teaching Commentary

To cause us to deepen our relationship with our holy God and others.

John in the Book of 1 John surprises us by his insistent repetition of the three important themes of love, light and truth. He builds the community of God before our eyes starting with its beginning founded in the revelation of Christ and continues by carefully defining its borders. By making clear boundaries John challenges all of us to see if indeed we are true believers and if so to keep on faithfully growing.

Cell Group Leadership Training Series

Purpose: Develop small bands of Christians that regularly meet in God's presence to faithful do His will.

We want to answer three questions in this series:

1• What is the purpose of the cell group?

2• What is a properly functioning cell group look like?

3• What are the leaders special role and responsibility?

A special emphasis in on the biblical theology of cell groups as well as making them fucntional, edifying and pleasing to God.


Book of Joshua

Joshua: Victorious Livingin God's Promises

God’s good purposes can always be gloriously fulfilled when we
faithfully trust and obey Him.

The Book of Joshua plays a key role in shaping our expectations, attitudes and dependence on God as Christians. Joshua means 'Jesus.' As we learn how Joshua obeyed the Father and led others into success, so we can learn how to serve God despite overwhelming odds against us.
Tens of articles are available including a grand overview chart and lots of maps to help quickly understand the many facts and places mentioned.


Talking with Liberals

Learn how to understand, love and share the gospel with liberals, those who share a Christian heritage but now deny the authority of the scriptures.

Five articles introduce numerous topics that come up when talking to the Liberal: Historical background, their life perspectives, ineffective approaches, and effective approach. Included are interesting perspectives on love one another and open-mindedness.


ADT Training Schedules

3 ADT Training Seminars

With this page, you have instant links to 36 hours of top level training!

Each of the above pages is a full-fledged Christian leadership training seminar schedule.

  • Renewal Through God's Word
  • The Heart of Discipleship
  • The Making of a Godly Leader
Each has links to their source materials. You might want specialized training for yourself or are looking for material to train others. This is a good source. Each seminar has about 12 hours of training material. The seminar's materials are divided into three types of training. Look at the philosophy of ADT to better understand them. Having them together in one simple schedule is wonderfully convenient.

The Book of Ecclesiastes

A Life Commentary Series

Learn from the man who had it all!

King Solomon writes as a modern blog writer giving ample testimony of his life but with a twist. He shares about his successes and failures to seve as a treatise against secular living. He was burned by the promises of the hedonistic ancient world and warns us who live in the humanistic modern world. Although ensnared in the promises of the world, he snapped out of it before secularism's cynical spirit fully captured him.

The existing commentaries are filled with charts and relevant application to our everyday life as well as detailed comments about the text. An introduction and outline of Ecclesiastes helps one grasp the whole message without getting lost in the individual episodes. Free powerpoints and mp3s included.

The Book of Titus

A Life Commentary Series

Starting a church?

Learn how the Apostle Paul himself dealt with a load of problems resulting from the new churches that developed from an evangelism tour. At least he was responsible enough to care for those he brought into life! But one does get his hands dirty.

Strife. Young leadership. Distance. Opposition. Even false teachers.

Paul's advice leads us into understanding the importance of the local church, leadership and how to gingerly deal with personal relationships. Interestingly, we see him not only touching on the problems but working on the infrastructure that provides long-lasting improvement. One will be especially moved by watching Paul tenderly care for Titus the missionary who has reached his limit.

Handling angry teensHandling Angry Teens

-Steps to Control Teenage Rage-

Outbursts of anger. Temper tantrums. Rage. Hateful, spiteful words. Mean actions. Cursing. Hitting. Yelling. Sound familiar?

In this article we highlight the actual understanding needed to take the necessary steps to help children overcome anger. Although many of the principles are the same, special attention to the parent-child relationship needs to be paid attention to.

Drugs don't solve the problems but hide them and bury our children in a world of despair. God frees people to a joy of reliance on our good Lord's power!

Christian Premarital Counseling Manual
for Counselors

- Preparing the Two to Be One -

  • Ever wonder what to say to those engaged couples planning to get married?
  • Or perhaps, you have done premarital counseling but would like to see what another person might do?
  • Maybe you just want to get an overview of the whole premarital counseling process.
  • You might just be one of those church leaders looking for free online resources for premarital counseling.

We hope you find it here in our Christian Premarital Counseling Manual for Counselors.

Premarital counseling is a highly specialized but important form of mentoring for the church. Many churches are starting to implement premarital counseling but have very limited resources.

Biblical Foundations for Freedom (BFF) provides free online resources including both handouts to be used during the sessions as well as worksheets to take home (or to send electronically).

Our hope is that couples will get better counsel, godly advice and a strong biblical foundation. And to top it off, BFF has provided many top quality articles on marriages sorted in three categories: 'Preparing for Marriage,' 'Strengthening Good Marriages' and 'Renewing Poor Marriages.'

The Gospel of Luke

Luke logo

There is a lot of spin about these days. Untrue statements. We hear so many contrary reports that we do not know what is true and what is not. Certainly this is a time when we need to get our facts right, especially with regards to Jesus.

Interestingly, Luke faced these same problems centuries ago. Whether people are hostile or just misinformed, the consequences of wrong reports can be quite serious. Luke aimed to set people straight while the facts still could be searched out.

Join learning about Jesus Christ through over 70 articles. Many of them are nicely designed teaching handouts while another large percentage consists of insights on various passages. Through Luke's presentation about the ideal man we should all seek, he speaks to everyone spread about the globe about the Lord Christ Jesus.

Book of Ephesians

Living in the Heavenlies

Book of Ephesians
– The Bible Teacher's Commentary –

Purpose: Call God's people to live
in light of our heavenly calling in Christ Jesus.

There is no other book like Ephesians in its ability to capture the breadth and depth of the love of God in six chapters. Need renewal this year? Start here and you will meet Christ in His glory and catch a vision of God's glorious people.

December 30th, 2008

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