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BFF Update June 4, 2003

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Biblical Parenting Principles

Modern parenting can be tough. Some say impossible. We ourselves confess that when we started off nearly 25 years ago, we were ignorant. It is not that we wanted to be bad parents. We didn't think we were. We just didn't know any better.

God's design  for parents is found in His Word.God has given us 8 children (5 girls and 3 boys) to give us extra training that spans three decades! We are so appreciative of this opportunity to actually see how families are suppose to work!

We desire to let the younger generations know how to have a wonderful family. It does call for perseverance, courage, self-sacrifice and vision. It makes a positive difference when you know the whys of parenting.

God's design is the best way. It is the only way that brings His blessings into our lives. This seminar is enhanced with many explanative charts and diagrams that highlight God's biblical principles.


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The Goals of Parenting

Help parents adopt God's purpose for their family and understand their key role in shaping godly children.

A. Understanding God's Design for the Family: God's design is the best!
B. Learning God's Way of Rescuing the Family: God can help any family!
C. Embracing God's Goals for the Family:            God's goals are my goals!


One Great Team: Dad & Mom

Develop a scriptural perspective of the responsibility, need and ability for husbands to work along with their wives as teammates in order to produce godly children.


Parental Authority

Develop a scriptural perspective of the parents' responsibility to govern their children and to apply this to different aspects of life.


Developing Self-control in our Children

Develop a scriptural perspective of the need for and the means of cultivating self-control in our children from an early age in order that they may live good and godly lives pleasing to God and focused on serving others.


Correcting Our Children, Part 1

Develop a scriptural perspective of how to properly deal with disobedient children so that they might become joyful family members.


Chastisement & Use of Rod, Part 2

Develop a scriptural perspective of chastisement and describe ways to properly administer the rod to our children.


Setting Boundaries

Enabling parents to understand how
to set up, implement and maintain
proper and effective boundaries for their children.


Raising Godly Children

Developing and applying biblical principles to provide proper spiritual care for our children.

A. Observations from Deuteronomy 6
B. Reflections on Family Devotions
C. Thoughts on Spiritual Nurturing


Developing Intergenerational Love

(Visiting Parents/In-laws)

Enable parents to show God's love and truth to their own parents and in-laws during visits with each other.

A. Establishing Family Harmony
B. Understanding Parent/In-law Tensions
C. Looking toward a Solution
D. Understanding Difficult Parents

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Biblical Foundations for Freedom