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BFF Update 5/31/02

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This is the first series of studies on developing strong marriages. These are listed under the Family or Marriage titles.

The Goal and Design of Marriage: Intimacy

Your Goal for Marriage
What is your goal of marriage? Why is it that the dream of a perfect union so often results in two separated lives?

Five Misconceptions of Good Marriages
Misconceptions give false confidence to couples that keep them from seeking the design God has given for good marriages.

Defending the Design of Marriage
Six evidences of marriage are given. To the degree a couple follows God's design, the more beautiful their marriage will be. The more a person lives apart from God's design in their marriage, the more he or she will suffer pain, loneliness, emotional hardness and spiritual guilt

Defining Intimacy
The goal of marriage is intimacy. Special guidelines to understand this goal in its marriage context.

Three Aspects to Intimate Marriages
Discover the three aspects to intimate marriages and their interrelationship with each other.

Marriage Study Sheet
Study questions for each of the above sheets. Feel free to copy and use.

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