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BFF Update October 11, 2006


Talking with Liberals


Enabling us to understand, love and wisely share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Liberals.


Sometimes, it is hard to talk to people about the Lord. They think so differently; they live ungodly lives. Liberals are those people who share a Christian heritage but reject Biblical truths. Get some ideas on how to understand, love and share the Gospel with them here.

Each of this five part mini-series is introduced here.

1. Brief Historical Background of Liberals

Provides the essential historical background in which the liberal movement was started and how this twisted their perspectives of God and life.

2. What do you say to a Liberal?

Helps a Christian to have a helpful conversation with a liberal. Many talks, unfortunately, become shallow and the glory of God's truth does not shine through.

3. Love for God

Reveals how the liberal element strips the most important part of loving God out of Jesus summary of commandments and how it detrimently affects the liberal and their lives.

4. Running on Empty

Shows how to share the gospel in an inoffensive way with Liberals and at the same time show the power of God's love and truth.

5. An Open Mind?

Queries whether the liberal is really the open-minded one or the one who holds to God's truth. In the end, we find the liberals more closed-minded than they would like to believe.

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