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BFF Update December 9, 2006

Training at its best!

Below we have 3 separate three-day Christian leadership training seminar schedules. Each has links to their source materials. You might be wanting specialized training or are looking for material to train others. This is a good source. Each seminar has about 12 hours of training material. The materials are divided into three types of training. Look at the philosophy of ADT to better understand them. Having them altogether in one simple schedule is wonderfully convenient.

  • Renewal Through God's Word
  • The Heart of Discipleship
  • The Making of a Godly Leader

We hope you enjoy the studies!

ADT 3-Day Training Schedule

We have seen how God has greatly used these 3-day seminars. The Spirit of God is applying the messages to their lives. God has done this but we are very reliant on much prayer. The urgent need of the pastors and evangelists has brought about this 3-day seminar module, even though it cannot meet the more ideal learning situations.

Many of our materials can be used for this seminars, but we have designed three separate 3-day seminars. Each seminar has its own thrust. The messages are tightly bound together and become a powerful time of learning in the Lord. Each of the schedules have the materials linked up. We encourage you to use and distribute BFF materials as you find it helpful.

Renewal Through God's Word

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The Heart of Discipleship

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The Making of a Godly Leader

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