ADT's Purpose, Goals and Vision
Advanced Discipleship Training's 3 S's: Shaping, Supplying and Seeking

By God's grace empowering the local church
to raise up their own godly and equipped leaders
to strengthen God's kingdom and join with others
in completing the Great Commission
in this generation.

By an honest and in-depth study of Christ in God's Word, God's people become more like Christ Jesus.

We are to model Christ's own trust, love and obedience to God the Father as He sends us out to faithfully display His genuine compassion to the world and proclaim His truth to the nations.

The Means of Training

Who we are

What we do

How we become

By responding to Christ in our midst during worship, studying, praying, living and serving together, we deepen our love and devotion to God.

By developing varying skills and better learning how to lean upon God, we are better able to lovingly restore people to God through His Word in the Spirit.

By engaging in group and personal studies of different Biblical books and passages, we deepen our encounters with God and become more like Christ Jesus.

Becoming like Christ

by devoting ourselves to obeying God and loving man.
by restoring people through God’s truth and Spirt.
by meeting
God in His Word and world.

Christian discipleship is the exposing of our hearts, minds and wills to the glory of Christ so that we may be conformed to His image and thus be equipped, desirous and able to serve our Lord and others.

The Vision

Have you looked for a pastor lately? Look carefully. The church is totally unaware of what seminaries are teaching their students. We assume it is everything they need. It is not. Although Bible schools and seminaries can help with certain kinds of training, they are not producing the Christian leaders that the church needs. With the breakdown of families, the character and discipline of seminary graduates is decaying every moment.

Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT) is a high level discipleship program that enables the local church to train up their own Christian leaders. Each Christian leader needs to be trained at home and can be. There is no one more fit for full-time ministry than those who have proved themselves in our churches, who like Christ are persistent in their service and trust upon God. As each church catches this vision for training their own pastors, missionaries and other ministry leaders, the Great Commission will take a long step to becoming complete.

God in Christ oversees the church’s training program. ADT is a tool to help churches implement effective leadership training. Through specialized programs, materials, consulting and prayers, Advanced Discipleship Training helps churches fulfill God’s purpose for them.

BFF ADT Training Curriculum

#1 The Making of a Godly Leader The Godly Leader Accepts God’s Design for His life

#2 The Making of a Godly Leader -A Godly Leader Endures Hardship and Finds Reward

#3 Caring for the New Believer

#4 Caring for the Young and Mature Believer

#5 Stepping into God's Peace

#6 The Book of Job and Anxieties

#7 Three Key Growth Principles - Ephesians 4:21-24

BFF has many more and will add them as possible. Click here for further ADT resources.

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