Overview of ADT Courses

A Description of the Courses

Right now we have five week-long courses as well as shorter 3 day- seminars. Each are integrated projects:

1) The theme project integrates many life-changing perspectives around one passage in God's Word. By taking a serious look at a Bible passage, they learn the depth and influence God's Word should have on our lives.
2) A Bible book project helps us to meditate on God's Word in His presence and more quickly master His Word. By taking a broad look at a Bible book, students learn the richness of God's Word.

How do we use this training?

ADT courses should be used as a core curriculum. Since the training period is a short one week, it can be held away from one's home church. We hope someday churches in the same area will be able to teach and study together.

ADT is not meant to be a total program but a framework for comprehensive training. Good training needs to be targeted to the individual's needs. This is especially true for training character and individual skills. You know best what your trainees need.

During the ADT core training, those of one heart learn and share together. Proper evaluations enable personal training projects to be devised. After attending one core course, there should be a break. Students need to return to their down-to-earth practical work in the church. During this time they can with their mentor follow through special areas of training. ADT desires to heighten the vision of what can be learned and how it is learned. This gives them a healthy perspective and a good momentum to their overall learning process that takes place in their churches.

A 15-month training process - sample only

We also have 3 day seminars. They do not allow so much interaction, but sometimes circumstances do not allow it.

Reviving our Lives and Ministries through the Word of God

Advanced Disicipleship Training Isaiah 50:4-9

This 3 day intense series renews our relationship with God and our ability to see Him work in our lives and ministries through a series of instructive articles on the Word of God.

Although we have referenced mostly BFF's materials, there are many other valuable materials easily available. BFF material is free and easily adapted; other material is less so. The BFF Library has all the material one needs to download and this can be easily shared with other students. We encourage the modifying of the lessons to advance ones own training purposes. Having said this, there is some excellent studies available whether it be church planting skills, a preaching course, etc. Some of these resources can be found in a seminary's extension course program; others can be found in independent ministries many of which are now represented on the web. We personally have learned so much from many of these sources and encourage you to carefuly evaluate and use the best of the materials in your training. With computers, LCD monitors, video and audio media, the greatest teachers can be easily transported to your home at very low cost.

The church leaders are in charge of this training process, not ADT. If you would like suggestions, please let us know. We always go back to two main questions,

    1. "Where do we want them to be?"


    1. "Where is he now?"

Having isolated a person's special needs, burdens and gifts, we simply chart a path to develop these outlined areas. Remember the Lord is the ultimate trainer. He is an expert in this area, and we have the privilege of working along with the Spirit of God. For example, if one person is gifted in understanding or in-depth study, then make sure they acquire Biblical languages. If a person tends to doubt God, seek out how he can learn to grow in his faith. The development of character and Christian devotion should accompany the enhancing of skills.

Design of a training process

Most churches and individuals do not think of training on these levels. We need to adjust our expectations and plans so that we can work along God’s own training program through the church. We have provided a special summary and review of the Isaiah 40:1-5 course given in India.

Look for upcoming updates on the ADT web pages for recommended outside training along with other helps. Send us an e-mail with questions, suggestions or to add your name to the ADT update list. Our hope is to share ideas and resources from each church involved.

Contact Paul at info@foundationsforfreedom.net

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