ADT 3-Day Schedule

Three-day seminars are appropriate for larger groups where there is limited space, time or language interchange for the ADT weekly schedule. They are designed for full-time Christian workers.

We have seen how God has greatly used these 3-day seminars. The Spirit of God directly applies the messages from God's Word to their lives. We are very reliant on much prayer. The urgent need of oversea pastors, church planters and evangelists has initiated this 3-day seminar module.

Many of our materials can be used for these seminars, but we have designed a number of special 3-day seminars. Each seminar has its own theme. The messages are tightly bound together and become a powerful time of learning in the Lord. Each schedule has the needed links. We encourage you to use and distribute BFF materials as you find them helpful. Contact me for more information. Click the pictures of the desired seminar below.

Renewal Through God's Word

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The Heart of Discipleship

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The Making of a Godly Leader

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The Godly Man:

When God Touches a Man

Going Deeper, Drawing Closer:

Marriage and Family


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