Shining Forth His Light!

Light shining in
Light shining out

Isaiah 60:1-5


To open our eyes and make necessary changes in our hearts and lives to enable God's glorious light to brightly shine in and through our lives to those around us.

Coordination of theme with assignments.
Day #1
Light and Darkness

Isaiah 60:1-5
Day #2
Instilling the

Isaiah 60:1a
Day #3
Clarifying our Orders

Isaiah 60:1b
Day #4
our Lives

Isaiah 60:2
Day #5
our Societies

Isaiah 60:3-5
Reviving our Devotions
Light & Darkness in Genesis 1
Study of Light in Gospel of John
'Enlightened' Ephesians 1:15-23
Being His Lights Matthew 5:14-16
Renewing our
Spiritual Devotions
Detecting Error
Within and Without
Truth Sets Free
John 8:32
Counterfeit Faith


Chart your spiritual devotions from when you became a Christian to now. What caused the ups and downs? Where are you doing now? Where would you like to be?

Mid-course Assignment

How would you train your people to have effective, passionate and regular devotions? Write out your purpose; time allotment & design a handout.


Keep a chart on your meetings with God for three weeks. What made good or bad times. Share about your attempts to be more intimate with God. Is it working? At the end, send a detailed report in with a summary.

To see the Isaiah 60:1-5 curriculum, please click here.

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