Creating a Heart of Discipleship

Isaiah 40:1-5

Purpose: Developing a heart willing to be shaped by God's work

Better understand the way God disciples His people so that you might work closer with Him by producing loyal and effective disciples.

Coordination of theme with assignments.

Day #1
Overview of Discipling Process

Isaiah 40:1-5
Day #2
True Comfort

Isaiah 40:1-2  
Day #3
Lack of Faith

Isaiah 40:3-4
Day #4
Misdirected Faith

Isaiah 40:3-4
Day #5
The Lord’s Glory

Isaiah 40:5
Three Stages of Discipleship
1 John 2:14-16
Becoming His Children
John 1:12-13
Defilement of Sins
Exodus 20:5-6
Chastisement & Pruning
Hebrews 12
The Glory of God
Psalm 8
Word study
Two kinds

Pre-course Assignment

Read the Book of Romans two times. As you read, think why Paul wrote this book and how he accomplished his purpose.

Post-course Assignment

Keep track of the work that God wants to do in your life. What does He want to do in your life? How might He do it? Are you open for His work? What might it cost you? What progress have you seen? What is God’s eventual goal? What passages has He recently used to guide you in this process?

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