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BFF Update September 18, 2003

Deep Magic and Reality

Who is explaining the world of magic to the average person? They get involved in witchcraft, sorcery and other occult practices but never hear what God has to say about them.

They become ensnared by dark powers, but Christ can set them free! Our first series introduces the dark world of deep magic in a way that most can understand. They are best read in order.

Discovering the Source of Magic
The Deep Magic series begins by explaining people's curiosity in deep magic.

Dangerous Secrets from Beyond
Why is it so tempting to reach into the dark and unknown world? This article explains what happens when a person reaches into the lurking darkness.

The Two Spheres of Deep Magic
Magic is always occuring. We sometimes call it miracles, sometimes nature. Oftentimes we don't know how to describe it. What characterizes these powers and forces?

Identifying the Two Great Forces
What are the forces behind these great powers? How do they relate to each other?

Escape from the Dark Side
Once in, always in? Or is there a way of escape?

Our second collection of articles is addressed to Christians with lots of questions about the occult. They hear lots of things about demon possession, Satan, exorcism and other matters from every different source. But they are not sure what God's Word says about them.

Now is your opportunity to further explore these issues with your Bible in hand.

Comprehending the Dark Spiritual World
An overall introduction to the spiritual dark world with links to other related materials.

Questions & Answers on the Dark World
More than ten serious questions are raised and answered about the dark world of the occult. What questions do you have? Discover your answer today!

Demon Possession: Is it Biblical?

Many people have debated whether a Christian can be possessed or not? Most of the discussions have missed the point! See if you know what factor most people miss.

Understanding How Demons Work
How do demons affect our lives? Do they really strategize against Christians? How can we best be prepared for their sneaky ways? A special section on "putting blame on others" is included. See how this is related to the now popular 'victim mentality.'

The Devil and His Powers
So who is the devil anyway? We take a serious look at Ezekiel 28 and find all sorts of very helpful facts about Satan. How much do you know about satan?

Sorcery: Satan or Flesh? Gal. 5:19
Some Christians are not very convinced about the threat of the dark world. They defend their conclusions from Galatians 5:19. How? They say that all sorcery and witchcraft is from the sinful flesh rather than demonic powers. Is this really what the passage says? Check it out!

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