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BFF Update July 12, 2004

Starting off families God's way!

Godly Beginnings for the Family
Good start, good end; poor start, poor endStart right; end right. This is the theme for our Godly Beginnings for the Family series. If we do things right from the beginning, then the end result is so much better. Everytime we teach the parenting seminar for toddlers and up, we grieve over the mistakes these parents have made. Change can be made, but it is so much harder!
This 'Godly Beginnings for the Family' series enables you to start your family in the right manner. We bring out the relevant biblical truths to starting off a family in light of our modern age.
Contrary to what many people say, what we do in the first eighteen months of our baby's life has a great impact on their lives (and yours too!). We tell you how this is so and why certain decisions you make are very important to the welfare of your family.

Godly Beginnings for the Family

Starting Families Right
This introduction and index helps us to understand the importance of making the right decisions early on.

Family Commitment
Parents' attitudes greatly dictate whether their children will be godly or caught in the snares of the world.

Family Planning & Birth Control
God says much more about so-called family planning than the average Christian believes.

Husband & Wife Roles
Great families are those in which husband and wife embrace their responsibilities as defined in God's Word.

God's Family Health Plan
Once we start looking at the scriptures, we are astounded by how much God speaks about our health. God really does care for us. We need only to obey.

Preparations for Childbirth
Childbirth is a miracle. Now if we would only stop interfering with God's ways our births would be better and easier.

Tender Newborn Care
Care for the mother and child afterbirth is important. Detailed suggestions as well as routines are provided for both Mom and baby.

The Challenge of Child Training
Now that we have the child, how do we effectively train up a godly child? Start young!

Disciplining and Training Small Children
Come discover how to properly use discipline in the training of your young children.

Setting up Godly Routines for Young Children
Routines is our key to building training into a child's life. It works with one or ten children.

God knew we needed a lot of practice. He gave us eight children! But why wait for your children to grow up to discover your faults? This series helps parents start off and end the right way.
As an special introductory offer, we have the reading downloads for this series now available from this page. In August, they will be available only on the BFF Library.

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