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BFF Update July 12, 2005

Cross Training Basic Discipleship SeriesCross Training basic discipleship series is designed for new Christians or Christians that need a good grounding in the Christian faith. This twelve–week series is founded upon Jesus’ summary of all the commandments, ‘to love God’ and ‘to love others.’

Much too often basic discipleship materials focus on the vertical relationship with God and have not sufficiently shown or challenged the individual on how Christ’s commands relate to personal relationships.

Man cannot grow in relationship with God more than he is willing to grow in his relationship with man. The opposite is true too. Man cannot grow in his relationship with others more than he has in his relationship with God.

Although ideal for one-to-one discipleship, the material can be used for a Sunday School class or similiar teaching situation.
father and child

Father Child:

Resembling Our Father

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bridegroom and bride

Bridegroom Bride

Love and constant service

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Cornerstone Stones

God's design for me

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Husband Wife

Faithful to my commitment

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The other Cross Training files will hopefully be put on the web soon.
These materials can be download for free. Handy booklets can be ordered.

Relational  Discipleship: Cross Training by Paul J. Bucknell

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