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BFF Update June 2, 2004

Enabling God's people to have great marriages just as God designed!

Acquire God's View of Marriage
Keep God's design clearly in focus.

GM #1

Enables a couple to get back on track to having a great marriage through strengthening their hope by instruction on the biblical design of marriage.

GM #2

Great Marriages are built on great plans. Learn about unconditional agape love: its description, power and challenges.

GM #3

Great Marriages need great wives. Learn the secret key to being a woman filled with God's power and love.

GM #4

Great marriages are built on God's proclamation that the couple is now one. To the degree a couple builds upon this truth, the marriage will grow and mature. To the degree a couple live out their own independent wills, their marriage will suffer.

Recover from Marital Setbacks
Forgive one another in love.
GM #5

Great marriages have virtually been able to eliminate conflict. How? Come understand the source of marital conflicts and how to overcome them!

GM #6

Great marriages know how to resolve crises without breaking into arguments and conflict. Want to learn how? Join in on this session complemented by charts.

GM #7

Learn how bitterness is the number one killer of marriages and how to eliminate it completely from your marriage without the cost of a psychiatrist!

Obtain a Great Marriage
Develop a deep and enriching relationship
GM #8

Great marriages are intimate marriages! Learn more about marital intimacy, how to become more intimate and the purpose for marital initmacy.

GM #9

Intimacy can grow only as mutual trust develops. Learn how trust grows and how to meet the love of God to gain that trust.

GM #10

Great marriages are filled with God's love. Join with us as we explore how to practically bring His love into our marriages step by step. Remember "Love never fails." It works!

Where else can you find a full-fledged free Biblically-based seminar filled with graphical explanations for building great marriages? Right here at BFF!

The teachers have just celebrated their 26th anniversary and have eight chilidren ranging from 25 to 2! Each lesson has a teacher handout as well as reading of about ten pages.

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