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BFF Update 8/2/2002

We are so excited about this new mini series on Developing Love in Your Marriage. Don't give up on you or your friends! God's love was meant to enter and change our lives. We will show you how.

Our greatest learning comes when a person gains a new perspective about life, God or self. These three messages provide these challenging perspectives. They speak on three key elements of life: the purpose and fulfillment of life, the nature of life and the intimate life God seeks to have with His people.

Developing Love in Your Marriage

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Developing Love in Your MarriageMarried but not very happy? Always seem like your fighting? You need the ingredient of love!

This mini series will take you right through the steps of implementing love in your life and in your marriage.  

Many marriages are running on human love. This is why they are failing to bring the fulfillment they were supposed to. Discover the difference between human and divine love.

THE IMPORTANCE OF LOVE : How divine love makes a difference in your marriage THE IMPORTANCE OF LOVE
God's love sounds great. But how does one bring it into ones own life? See here how we can choose love.

THE STEPS OF LOVE : Clear steps to bring God's love into your life and marriage THE STEPS OF LOVE
Once love is ignited in your own heart, try it on your spouse! We go through seven practical steps.

Study Questions on Developing Love Series
Study questions for each of the above pages. Free to copy and use!

Three challenging messages:
• The ultimate purpose for living
• The Biblical perspective of drinking and drugs
• Gaining True Intimacy with God

Psalm 8 message Glory of God and Examination of Self-esteem movement Psalm 8   Experiencing God's Glory through an Examination of the Self-esteem Movement

Psalm 8 can be pictured of a bridge displaying God's glory.Psalm 8 enables us to experience the glory of God and examine the self-esteem movement. In order to appreciate and live for God's glory, we must make room by eliminating wrong notions associated with the self-esteem movement. Psalm 8 features 3 arguments of man's fraility against God's glory.

Message | Study Questions

Get a new perspective on your faith from the Gospel of John!

John 2:1-11 The Great Transformation Jesus turns the water into wine John 2:1-11 The Great Transformation

What are two big misinterpretations of this passage where Jesus makes water into wine? What is the biblical way of presenting the approach the young should take toward drinking and taking drugs? Find out the true purpose John had for this first miracle of Jesus.

Message | Study Questions

John 2:12-25 Opening Up Our Lives to God

Our intimacy with God can go only as deep as our sinOpening Up Our Lives to God: Surgery is put aside.

Why did Jesus really cleanse the temple? God's purpose is to encourage you to grow in your intimacy with Him. Revival begins with us. God has already done everything needed! Message | Study Questions


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