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BFF Update 9/17/2002

An Overview of Material
1) The Marriage Navigator
2) An Overview on the Gospel of John

The Marriage Navigator

Developing Love in Your Marriage

  Three Life Principles for Fulfillment of our Marriages   

Renewing Affections between Husband and Wife
Strengthening Godly Marriages: The Marriage Navigator
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God's Sexual Design for Our Lives and Marriages
     Goal and Design of Marriage: Intimacy
Helping Solve Marital Problems

More than 60 articles on marriage are clearly organized by topic and series. Many have a short description. The three major headings are:

Preparing for Marriage Preparing for Marriage

Preparing the needed biblical understanding, convictions and attitudes that enable singles to prepare for great marriages even if a prospective mate is not in sight!

Strengthening Good Marriages Strengthening Good Marriages

Equipping married couples with God's teaching on marriage so that they will pursue greater marital intimacy and withstand the subtle attacks from the world.

Renewing Poor Marriages Renewing Poor Marriages

Enabling a couple to overcome barriers, difficulties, bitterness and other problems so that they can again work together for marital harmony.

The Gospel of John, an Overview

A. The Purpose of the Gospel of John A. The Purpose of the Gospel of John

A diagram examining John' purpose of writing the Gospel of John. Belief without life change is not believing at all.

B. The Power of the Gospel of John B. The Power of the Gospel of John

A chart showing the seven "I am" statements of Christ and a challenge as to what the Christian life is like: a swim in a secure pool or in the ocean. Knowing Christ is a step by step set of experiences.

C. The Penetration of the Gospel of John C. The Penetration of the Gospel of John

A word quiz. An explanation through charts of the Name of God revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14 –> I am, Yahweh and Jehovah as it is later used in the Old Testament. When I know Christ, I will eagerly worship Him.

D. The Plan of the Gospel of John (An Outline) D. The Plan of the Gospel of John (An Outline)

A clear broad outline that shows how John carries out his purpose of bringing a person closer to Christ likeness through the revelation of Jesus Christ's full glory. The closer I am to Christ, the more my life is affected.

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