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BFF Update November 12, 2005
Job: Facing the Tests of Life


JOB - A Life Commentary

We often wonder what the future will be like. But do we even know what is happening with our present lives? The Book of Job completely turns around our perspectives of our lives. What we felt so confident about has now become something very unsettling. The Book of Job with its special heavenly scenes sends strong and clear signals to its readers. God pulls back these heavenly curtains in order to make an indelible impression upon our minds. He is telling us to look at life from heaven's perspective. It will change your life.

1. Thoughts on Life's Goals (Job 1:1-5)

Very few could imitate Job in his wealth, possessions or even family size, but we all can strive to be like him in heart. The rich and poor have equal access to having a godly character. Job didn't have any advantage in this area. He faced a tough world even as we do.

2. Endurance for Serious Troubles (Job 1:6-2:13)

Through Job's two great trials we learn several important truths that are needed to know if we are going to endure severe trials like Job's.
1) God is in charge of all the affliction that comes to His people.
2) God uses troubles to test our heart.
3) The Lord reveals both God and the devil's purposes.

3. Search for Right Perspectives (Job 3-37)

Although counseling is an often used word today, we have learned little of the great mistakes that can be made during counseling sessions. Counselors are often wrong. Also learn why this section is so long!

4. Time before a Holy God (Job 38-42:9)

God's Word enabled Job and us to get a close up view of what God thinks about man even at his top performance. God humbled Job so that he could rightly understand God and interpret the world around him.

5. Satisfaction with Life's Reward (Job 42:10-17)

The final scene helps us understand the purpose God had in allowing all of these troubles to assail Job, including even his friends' relentless attacks.


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