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BFF Update December 6, 2003

Advanced Discipleship Training

Advanced Discipleship Training's 3 S's: Shaping, Supplying and Seeking

Planted like a seed six years ago, the burden to simplify the training process yet still produce effective workers for God's kingdom has finally sprouted.

Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT), like its name suggests, enables church leaders to train men desiring to enter full-time ministry while they continue to serve in their own home church! Men need to be tested, proven and trained in their local situation. Why send them off never to see them again?!

Our courses focus on supplying the needed training for those interested in ministry. Five course modules, each consisting of two major projects, are available without cost. As suggested by the image above, the Lord wants to train the heart, develop skills and increase the desire and knowledge of how to seek Him in His Word. In short, we want to train men to be more like Jesus Christ.

Is your church training ministers? Why or why not? Isn't it time that you keep your best workers? God gave them to you! Even if we train up a missionary, we are privileged to send someone that we know well, someone that has helped our own people and can affirm their personal godliness.

ADT is one key means to enable churches around the world to start training up qualified leaders. Once we have implemented the more basic training stages, we are ready for the ADT materials. - Paul

Enabling the church to respond to God's heart to train believers for minisitry!

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