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BFF Update 7/02/2002

This following series will be listed under discipleship because of its critical part in making us disciples of Jesus Christ. Only by meeting with Him, will we be like Him!

Reviving our Personal Devotions

Reviving Our Personal Devotions

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Maintaining good and exciting devotional times continues to be one of the most basic challenges of maintaining a steady Christian life.

Struggling? Getting dull? Not sure how to encourage other people to have good devotions? BFF's newest series addresses all these questions and more!  And don't forget our study sheet has questions for you to get the most of each lesson.


Shaping Our Lives
Personal quiet times greatly impact the quality of our Christian lives.

Struggling with Personal Devotions
Take a historical look at your struggle.

Catching the Excitement of Devotions
Learn from the best about meeting God!

Meeting God in the New Testament
What does the NT say about meeting God through devotions?

Describing Quality Devotions: Prayer
What should our devotional prayers really be like?

Describing Quality Devotions: Bible Reading and Meditation
How can I get something from God's Word?

Preparing Your Heart to Meet God
What attitudes do I need to meet God?

Great Expectations from Our Times with God
We get what we ask! We ask what we believe!

Understanding Man's Ability to Commune with God
Here is a simple theology of personal devotions- complete with diagrams!

Preventing Burnout through Devotions
Find out how good personal devotions keep you from burnout.

Other Questions on Personal Devotions
Many other questions about having good devotions. Or ask other ones!

This brother was radically changed when God strengthened his devotional time. Come read how God did this just a few months ago!

Study Questions on Devotional Series
Study questions for each of the above sheets. Feel free to copy and use.

ome might think this is one of those simple topics, but in fact we discover this is where you separate the babies from the mature. One can graduate from seminary without good devotional times but no one can grow in their experiential knowledge of God without them.

Our devotion times shape our success or failures in life. Read a brother's testimony on how God changed his life by improving his time with God.

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