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BFF Update 4/14/2003

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Changed by Revival!

Revivals are both loved and hated, desired and feared. Genuine revival which renew great affections for God are greatly needed. Governed by firm biblical principles, we seek after a renewed heart for God.

Some of God's people face secularism's deadly knife; the zeal of others is diluted by polluted waters of materialism. Yet others bravely risk the waves of persecution.

But we all need revival. We all greatly need a great work of God to touch our stony hearts. We long for revival because we long for Him. We cry out for revival because we love the Lord's ways. May God increase His blessing upon the church today that we might carry the news of His amazing grace to the ends of the world.

Examples of Revival

Water Gate Revival
Nehemiah 8.1-12
The Water Gate Revival in Nehemiah's time reveals three signs of revival movements.
Description of the 1905 Welsh Revival is also included.

Call to Revival - Zephaniah
"Gathering Before His Throne"
How did God bring revival to King Josiah through Zephaniah? A full book study with questions.

The Process of Revival

Understanding Revival's Cycles
Judges 2:10-19
Provides a chart and explanation of the Cycle of Decline and Renewal among God’s people

Reviving Our Personal Devotions
Revival of our soul depends on daily meeting with the Lord.
This series teaches us how to meet God fresh each day.

Spiritual Decline (Revival in reverse)

From Revival to Despair
Psalm 106:10-15
By looking at the steps from revival down to despair,
we can be warned of that path and never follow that road.

Revival and the Fear of God in Society
Psalm 78
Think through the historical and cultural relationship of revivals
and the fear of God in a society.

Exhortation to be Revived

Five Misunderstandings
Ezekiel 14
The starting point for revival.

"If my people, .... " 2 Chronicles 7:14

Solomon's prayer which initiated the Promise for Revival
2 Chronicles 6-7

God's willingness to promise revival
2 Chronicles 7:12-15

Revival: God's Promise (Part I).
2 Chronicles 7:14
God's means of Restoration

Revival: God's Action Plan (Part II).
2 Chronicles 7:14
God's means of Restoration

Revival: God's Reward (Part III).
2 Chronicles 7:14
God's means of Restoration

But now for a Brief Moment
Ezra 9.8-10
At the heart of revival is the grace of God shown in His precious purposes
that intertwine our broken lives with His abounding grace.

Three Steps to Renewal
Psalm 119:25
Step #1: In the Dust
Step #2: Rising in Hope
Step #3: Calling for Revival

Living by the Spirit
Understanding walking by the Spirit by analogy of a bird flying in the air.

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Biblical Foundations for Freedom