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BFF Update December 4, 2004

Making the right steps forward!

Properly Preparing

Full-Time MinistryTaking Your Next step into Ministry

Helping you to take the

right steps

toward full-time ministry!

One of the most exciting things for a church is to see different members being called into full-time ministry. Two problems, however, occur that more than often discourage both the individual as well as the church.

Sensing the Call to Full-time Ministry

(1) The first problem is that very few people know what to do after he is called. God might stir his heart, but he does not know what to do following that. I wonder how many people lost the vision God has put in their heart because they just were not clear how to follow up their initial commitment?
This series helps a person sensing a call into full-time ministry know how to take the next step. Special attention is given to those areas needing special preparation.
Take the Next Step toward Full-time Ministry

Counseling those who are committed to full-time ministry

(2) There is another problem, though, which is more serious. We can understand if there is confusion at the individual level. Why should a brother know about the path to get into full-time ministry?
But those at the leadership level should know what to say to those who are called to ministry. Just telling them about the seminary that you attended is a far cry from the direction that we can give that person to prepare for ministry. Perhaps so many ministers are giving up the 'call' because they were never trained.
This mini-series helps the church leaders to take practical steps to help them prepare for full-time ministry. An overall perspective of the needed training helps keep everyone focused on the task of preparation.
Training Up Leaders for Full-time Ministry

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