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BFF Update October 23, 2003

Principles & Problems
for Urban Church Planting

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Reflections on a new church development in Wujya, a planned community of 30,000 low income workers in south Taiwan.

Wujya, a planned community, outside the huge city of Kaohsiung in Fengshan, started 3-5 years before this church began. We will discuss 4 principles important to church planting and then later 3 other principles which we had not yet properly learned.

We are not saying that these are the only principles that need to be occurring during a good church start. That would be absolute folly. We are only emphasizing those things that have been emphasized in this one church planting experience.

  • Developing Plans

  • Embracing Challenges

  • Praying in Faith

  • Loving your Teammates

We also faced problems that were not so obvious at the time.

  • Discipleship Planning

  • Leadership Training

  • Instilling Vision

This series has 31 slides with accompanying text. They are designed as a series: start from the beginning and continue on. There is, however, an index for your use. A Powerpoint slide presentation is also available.

Where were you in the summer of 1986? We were by God's grace experiencing a wonderful opportunity of starting a church in southern Taiwan with a wonderful team of workers. The slideshow is meant to be instructional, but it can be fun to see the photographs of life in the Republic of China. - Paul

Church Planting

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