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BFF Update 10/9/2002

Isaiah for Life Change

Our reason for providing Bible book introductions and individual studies of different Bible passages is for life change. The background is given for quicker and proper assimilation of knowledge for the purpose of rightly applying the scriptures to our lives with the greatest effect possible. The studies are given so that we might taste and see how to specifically apply the passages and be more filled with Christ's love and power.

Isaiah Background

Book of Isaiah Plan and Outline
Redemptive Chart of Isaiah
Light & Dark Illustrative Diagram
Outline of Isaiah

Background of the Book of Isaiah
A Timeline of Isaiah
Isaiah and Judah's Chronology
Assyria's Relationship with Israel/Judah

Discussions on Isaiah's Main Sections
These discussions, short or long, are important to a good understanding of the book as you read along or study.

Main Sections of Isaiah

Brief | Long Discussion

Isaiah 1- 6
Isaiah 7-12
Isaiah 13-23
Isaiah 24-27
Isaiah 28-33
Isaiah 34-35
Isaiah 36-39
Isaiah 40-66

Isaiah Studies

Isaiah 6:1-12
Four Steps to Righteous Living
How do we live righteous lives? Examine Isaiah's calling to see the pattern of following the Lord.
Isaiah 11:1-5
Spirit Dependent Living
Isaiah 11:1-5 shares the three keys needed in drawing close to God. Seven special 'Spirit' qualities are shared with practical insights. (Study Questions included)
Isaiah 11:6-16
Christ's Rule
Isaiah 11:6-16 is suppose to give us faith today! Learn five arguments why the 'wolf will lie down with the lamb' is for today. (Study Questions included)
Isaiah 29-32
Waiting and Planning
Eight principles on how to make good plans that resolve the tension between self-reliance and trusting God. (Study Questions included)
Isaiah 38
Steps to Waiting upon God
Three key principles are found in this passage to shape our own decision making process during crisis times. (Study Questions included)
Isaiah 40:1-5
Understanding Discipleship
Feel frustrated with your Christian growth? At a plateau? Learn the key ways the Lord builds effective disciples! (Study Questions included)
Isaiah 53 (52:13-53)
Suffering for Another
This is the famous prophetic passage speaking to the Messiah's death and resurrection.
Isaiah 53 (52:13-53)
Questions on the Suffering Servant
Study the famous passage on the Suffering Servant. See why many Jews have come to know the Lord through seeing Jesus as the Christ. Outline included!
Isaiah 60:1-5
A Shining Light
How do we allow God's light to shine in us so that we become effective lights in this dark world? What does it mean to be light? (Study Questions included)

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