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Pray BFF#18 February 12, 2002

Dear Prayer Team,

In Search of .....
We need urgent prayer for prepared hearts. On web sites one is able to discover what search word or phrase was used to find a particular site. Some of these phrases are very interesting. In some cases it is obvious that the original purpose was not to get to our web site, and yet they still found us! Let me relate two search phrases used to arrive at our site. Perhaps this will increase your vision to pray for the increasing number of people coming to BFF to have hearts ready to be confronted by the LORD of truth.

  • One person searched for "cracked engine block ." It just so happens that one of our cars had a regular problem with this. BFF was listed on the third page (30th listing). I used it in an illustration .... . They went there. "I had to buy another new block with a flaw in it! This would be like getting a heart transplant with a heart that had a problem."

  • Another person searched for something not good about sensual lusts. Some catchy phrase in a long list draws their attention. They no doubt found something they were not originally looking for. May the Spirit of God Himself indeed draw them.

Last week I caught a debilitating virus. The next morning I shared an exciting discovery during family devotions. I told them that on the day that I was feeling so awful that God brought people to read 418 BFF pages. I was so sick, but God was still able.

Readership is increasing even still. Our last letter mentioned that our average readership was on the rise. We have often been getting over 300 page views a day.

Please continue to pray for a clear focus on priorities. Often through the day, I will get a special insight on a certain passage or topic. I need to discern whether it is of the Lord and spend at least an hour capturing the thought or to move on to other projects. I had contemplated making the "Running the Race" series into a slide set but have recently been burdened to develop one on the love of God. I have thought about this topic from many different perspectives over the last years, months, weeks and days! I am writing about one page a day without focusing on this topic. I am discovering that though many Christians talk about the love of God, they have not personally experienced His love in a freeing way. If they did, they would put away their love for their many sins.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

  • Praise God for the way He has helped people through the Overcoming Anxiety seminar.

  • Thank the Lord for providing me with some extra resources during the final stage of development of the seminar that helped tremendously (a book and a person speaking).

  • Praise God for the way He raised up people to help tape the series. Remember how we could get a LCD projector for all ten sessions?! I do!

  • Paul's back is still uncomfortable but good enough for work.

  • Thanks that the "Truth not Lies" series on "The Godly Man" was out in time. Just in time evidently. Only 1/3 of professing born again Christians believe in absolute truth. One wonders what their god looks like.

  • We are thankful that God continues to make deeper progress in our own hearts and lives.
  • Pray for the 'unplanned visitors' to the web site. May God accomplish His mighty work!

  • Pray for discernment and flexibility to develop and follow through on priority projects.

  • Paul and family will be visiting his parents. He is trying to finish the "Faith and Faithfulness" series by the 20th.

  • Pray for the last discussion and review session this Sunday on Overcoming Anxiety.

  • Paul still needs wisdom as he learns how to manipulate audio and video tapes into helpful media.

  • Please pray for revival.


Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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