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PrayBFF#1  April 4, 2001

Dear Prayer Support Team,

We greatly appreciate your prayers. This ministry is greatly strengthened upon your earnest prayers.

We have experienced a growing sweetness in our marriage! (Paul and Linda's)
Paul has almost been overwhelmed by great ideas and thoughts to write about.
Our family's bout of sickness is over.
Ideas have been coming as to how this ministry might be known by others and expand.
We have been very conscious of and desirous of God's presence and wisdom.
A major project on anxiety is complete. Winning Over Worries
                Dealing with Anxious Thoughts

Another matter
I am trying something new that will hopefully help us all out. The computer keeps track of who is on and not on this prayer letter listing. Do not fear, you can always email me at if it doesn't work!

How does it work?
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Oversight by God and advisors on broadening BFF's strategy statement.
Up until now BFF has focused on the development of web materials but other things have been on my heart for a long time that are very compatible with BFF's present mission. They have to do with passing the vision, truth and skills on to others.
Sorting through tax issues and other administrative technicalities.
Forming an official board is going slower than anticipated, and so wisdom is needed on how to function during this transition time especially as it relates to fulfilling governmental procedures.
Strength for Linda during her 9 months of nurturing a new little one.
We are excited at this new addition! Linda is due in mid- October. She has all-day nausea and is still very sleepy.
Selling of the house
We did get one offer but it was way too low. Not many houses on the market so it should sell soon. We also will change agents starting in May ( selling it ourselves - we can lower the price this way). God's timing is very important especially considering our potential move. At least we are still 1/5 packed!
Completion of a large and complex project on 'Overcoming Sexual Lusts' by end of April
I have never been so challenged by any message. The main reason is its length (50 pages) and too much to put in. I need large blocks of time to stay focused on and have concentration to work on this project. God has made this project a delight. He has surprised me with another big project: Developing intimacy in relationships . These two projects dovetail , the latter being the goal of the prior.
Another big series on the way?
The thought came into my mind to develop discipleship material that can readily used in third world nations. The idea focuses on relationships Christ has with the church and therfore is 'picture' oriented. God gives me some new thoughts almost every day for this project.
Discipleship materials for the Chinese are greatly needed
Those who work with mainland Chinese know that their hearts have been prepared for the Gospel They are very ripe to hear and believe . But there is little discipleship material out there to help them face the mass of problems they have built up from their atheistic mind-set. Ask God to lead if this project is for BFF.
Smoothly administer new automated mailing list
I am trying to make use of new and free technology out there. Under this new system, this list will be automated so I do not need to maintain it but each of you do. Pray as I keep learning to do things like this in good and helpful ways without upsetting anyone! Details on this below.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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