Thanks for praying!
April 24, 2001

Dear Prayer Support Team,

Thanks for your prayers! We have needed them ever so much.

Praise God for wonderful timing in finding answers to tax questions, forms, etc. Everything came to a head, came to resolution, and was completed before April 15th.
Linda is better but still very tired at times. Nausea is usually later in the day and night now. We are thankful Linda can get away by herself to visit her Mom and sister for 5 days in early May. She got a free ticket so she could attend an old friend's memorial service. We trust God to give her a much needed rest.
Major project: Paul got 2 out of 4 main sections done! 30 pages in the rough for the third section. Praise God for concentration during allergy season, Linda's indisposition and tax distractions!
It seems like the automated e- mailing list is now operating. We will see! Information for getting on or off the mailing list is at the very end of our prayer letter.

Work and discussion on BFF Strategy has been put to low priority until after this main project is finished.
Praise the Lord nothing was lost when Paul fixed the computer last Saturday.

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Strength for Linda during the next 6 months of nurturing a new little one.
Keep praying for Linda. Carrying a summer baby is not easy for Linda. Heat and humidity zaps her energy.

Selling of the house
We are at the top of the selling season, house is well advertised - but virtually dead. No calls (1 in last 2.5 weeks). it seems as if God doesn't want anybody to come by. We plan to sell it on our own starting in May. Sell cheaper/save more. With the baby coming, we see that we should sell by late spring/early summer or try again late fall/winter. Pray for God's good (and always best) will to be done. We are willing to be wherever He wants us to be. But we really don't like transitions.

Completion of a large and complex project on 'Overcoming Sexual Lusts' by end of April
Hit lots of spiritul opposition during the development of this project. Found God's grace sufficient but do pray for protection as we unleash the truth that will release people from the evil one's dominion. April's end is coming. So much to do. Always more than I plan. Wisdom is needed everyday. You can check out (and pass on helpful criticism ) the first two sections found at: Overcoming

Reorganizing Home Page
Pray for insight in early May as I reorganize BFF's home page so that it creates more curiosity. Considering the use of questions people are seeking answers to.

Chinese discipleship materials are greatly needed
Keep praying for this development and crucial contacts with individuals.

God's promotion and power of the Holy Spirit
I am following up a few leads on how to get this material distributed to others. However, we need God 's timing and leading to promote what He wants promoted. Truth without the power of the Holy Spirit will not change people. Pray for God's Spirit to work in each heart that visits the site.

Elizabeth will be home for the summer!
We are so glad that Elizabeth will be home this summer. Pray for a car ride for Elizabeth on May 9/10th. Her third year is nearly over. Pray for her during these exhausting last two weeks.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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