Thanks for praying!
May 15, 2001

Dear Prayer Team,

Sunday, the 13th, was a very joyous day for me.The night before I had just uploaded the 45 web-page part of the major project, "Overcoming Sexual Sins." It was great just to be done. God has helped me in every way. But it was more than a major project. God opened my eyes to some special truths that I had never connected together before. I know it was because of your prayers that I could work through difficulties to concentrate and get this most important third section done. Looking back, I can see that the Lord has brought us to a small quiet corner in our private world so that I could concentrate and listen to His voice.

If you want to understand what I am so excited about, let me just give you a few thoughts. You can all visit the web site and read it if you wish. I have found that in telling people how to live so they can avoid or solve problems in their lives, that they have lost confidence in the Word of God. This includes many Christians who do not believe what His Word says about marriage, sex ,etc. Then God took me one step further. He took what He had been teaching me separately on intimacy and wedded that subject to this one.

He helped me to understand and hopefully clearly present not just the how, which many now reject, but the "Why?" We answer questions like, "Why did God design marriage?" What is so beautiful and great about marriage that anyone would choose that over their own ways?" We reject marriage because we no longer have good models sharing its beautiful design. How many people would really jump at the chance to have a beautiful marriage if they only believed it could be true?! Come visit this series mentioned above at: Overcomer (Click "Cross the Line" to get to the third section.)

This study has planted several seeds for further work on spiritual renewal, premarital counselling, marriage renewal and even parenting. If you know me, you know my burden goes deeper than this. I have been praying for revival {reformation of the church of God} since I was a young Christian. God could use this release of His truth by His Spirit to accomplish a great awakening around the world. We need your prayers more than ever.

Linda returned safely from her trip. Praise God things went well at home during this time.
Major project: Third section done! (The project did overshoot its deadline though).
Bonus: unexpected special section was written which expanded the work 10 crucial pages.
Computer system software went bad just as I was going to upload. Fixed and still uploaded on same day!
God's provisions of grace, finances and prayer support during this 7 months BFF has been functioning.
Elizabeth safely arrived home along with her stuff (separately) .
Good response in our first week of selling our own home (sale by owner). No offers though.

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Humble waiting upon the Lord.
Time is the best test of good ideas. May excitement not lead to self-pursuit. May I and BFF be committed to being God's servant to the world.

Transition time turmoils.
It is hard to keep waiting about moving. Much stuff packed up. Ready to go but can't go. God has us in a corner with Himself. May we keep remaining humble and patient.

Selling of the house
We are still in Pittsburgh trying to sell the house. We are selling it ourselves. Linda is expecting in mid-October and we are seriously considering holding off selling if we have not sold by mid-June.

Elizabeth needs job/scholarship
One year left of college in commercial arts. If we don't move, she hopes to find a job.

Fourth section of major project
This last section requires much guidance from the Lord so to properly interweave what has been written.

Reorganizing Home Page
Still hoping to make BFF's home page more useful.

Chinese discipleship materials
Keep praying for the development of Chinese discipleship materials - designer of materials, translators.

Team Help
Part of my vision is for this website to be a place a group of committed Christians are working together. Pray for a bigger team that the Lord has burdened to work together in this work. After 7 months of operations, I sense this is the weakest area of what we are doing.

Spiritual revival worldwide
We are hoping the Spirit of God will begin to bring His people back to Himself by the truths of His Word.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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