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PrayBFF#7  July 7, 2001

Dear Prayer Team,

Limited time and resources - yes.   A shortage of ideas and insights - NO!

Paul's mind regularly comes up with all sorts of ideas. Poor Linda. After sharing excitedly about one idea one afternoon, Paul asked if she wanted to hear the other two. She said, "No, she had heard enough!" Actually, she has been a great support during this time. Half of these ideas are on what he could write on. The other half is on how to further spread enthusiasm on knowing and experiencing God's Word. Most all of them are somehow connected to the purpose of BFF, but Paul wonders, "Is it what God wants?" "Does God want BFF to engage in it now?" This is the most difficult issue BFF is facing right now.

The newest idea is to oversee a contest. BFF would be the web host and encourage youth or college groups to a contest on writing the best web site to answer the question,

"Why should I stay pure in body and mind?"

You can see that if this caught on, BFF would have little time to do much else. On the other hand, is there anything more important than to have our young people eagerly exploring God's Word trying to see why they should stay sexually pure?


Pray for 100,000 men by a year's time (not year's end) to commit themselves to godly living.

Pray for good response in sending in contributions to the theme web letter - so far none.

Michael from Gabon asked us to pray for 'God's intervention' with the youth there.

Paul and Linda will be attending a conference July 11-14 on 'Anger Resolution.' Paul is equipping himself to be able to develop material and teach on many special needs that people face - fears, anger, sexual temptations, etc. He hopes next week God will mightily teach him in the area of anger.

Pray for laptop (Mac), and program to take data from form letters and automatically put them into a database. Around every corner is a new experience.

Elizabeth plans to have a Bible Club in late July for our neighborhood children.

Along with the call for 100,000 men, Paul's heart has been increasingly burdened with the awareness that severe judgment is coming and that we need to now become desperate and cry out to the Lord. Paul's material on Zephaniah (Josiah's revival) including Bible study questions and an article on Christianity of Tomorrow should soon be out on the web. If we cry out, we have hope of postponing judgment. Without it, we and our children will greatly suffer. This is an urgent call to pray for revival starting in our own hearts. (More on web site edition).

We thank God that the first man to sign up

for the '100,000 Men' was from Libreville, Gabon, Africa. I had to get a map out too! Just that morning I was praying for someone from Africa (with little faith). See the map!

I appreciate those who are praying for us to have new ideas. God is answering!

Visits to our web site have increased over June.

Linda's pregnancy is going fine though three weeks larger than usual. And though uncomfortable, she is very grateful for the recent cool weather.

Some significant sections were done on the last part of 'Running the Race.' They are on 'Power to Run' and 'Picking up the Pieces.' You will find them under the last major section.

Praise God that the web server has worked with Paul to overcome another technical bug. This is in answer to prayer about organization. Now those who sign on will become automatically signed on to the mailing list. Saves Paul one step.

Praise God Elizabeth has a number of part time opportunities to work. She is getting ready for her last year at college.


Thanks for your participation in this ministry. There is no greater glory than to join with God in accomplishing His tasks here on earth that will have impact for eternity!

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

"I have always believed that cities
can be changed if enough churches and pastors experience a holy desperation and seek God's face. Today, the Ugandan pastor Jackson Senjonga spoke about the transformation in his nation. In the middle of his simple speech, he said 'In America, the shouts of sin are louder than the cry of intercession.' That cut deep into my heart, because it is true. The truth is, we're all concerned, but not desperate. God wants to change that."

Paul and Linda

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