The Big Race

Enough with the preparations!
Enough with the preparations! We want to get running. After all we can only learn so many things without the actual experience (see sidebar). We have dealt with some issues in the previous sections that should have brought some relief. Several in depth discussions focusing on crucial Biblical perspectives should have begun to answer our questions on why we should run this race to overcome sexual sins. We now need to get very practical. The race is here. We are on the track. Our feet are moving. We will provide practical advice for the three parts of the race: 1) Getting Started, 2) Keep Running, and 3) Finishing Well.

As we go on, we will mention how to take several steps in overcoming different problems. We greatly encourage you to follow all the directions. We need to remember there is no magic here. There are no instant potions that will take away our wayward sexual desires. However, by following these directions, there are many things that you can change and maintain your focus with. These changes must become good habits. This is our race. We need discipline.

We need a long term focus with a vision of being a different person. We need God to do this. He changes our hearts and will give us the grace we need to gain moral purity no matter how oppressive our situation is. God is not just changing habits but people.

Our Three Coaches' Timeless Advice

Faith provides the power to run in spite of all the obstacles.
Hope helps bring us down the pathway that leads to certain victory.
Love is the glorious initiative of God that enables us to live pure lives for the sake of His Name and others.

I talked to a tennis pro recently, and he shared with me how they have changed their training techniques. They used to separate the training from the practice: theory and then practice.

But they have discovered that many more people will take up tennis if practice is part of the training from day one. People are practical. They want to see some immediate help.

They are much more willing to learn needed knowledge and as they go along.

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