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Does it really matter?

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Crossing the Line
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Introducing Your Trainers!

After we have signed up, we need to start training. Confession leads us to the place that we can accept training. Up to that point, we are not convinced of the benefit of training. The training will not only be part of our life, but it will be our life.

Training involves repetition so that the routine becomes part of the way we live. We desperately need good training. Just think the last time you made a big effort to overcome your bad habits! How long did you last before you were scampering about like a dog with its tail between its legs?

Let me introduce you to your three God-appointed trainers who will both train and run with you right to the end of your noble race: Faith, Hope and Love.

Faith, Hope and Love 1 Corinthians 13

But now abide
faith, hope, love, these three;
but the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13, NASB
Without these trainers, we simply would not be able to overcome those obstacles that would otherwise keep us back. You might not be very familiar with them right now. That's okay. We will introduce them to you in this section. Later in this series, we will return and see why they are so effective in producing those endurance runners who make it right to the end.

Faith is the power that enables us to overcome all sorts of difficulties. Faith is the actual implementing what we believe to be true.
Hope brings needed direction, comfort and encouragement when we need it the most.
Love stands as a bright and motivating goal that shines in a dark, dark world.