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Sinful act/attitude
We need to state clearly what wrong we have done. Jesus taught that even when a man thinks upon a woman with lust, it is adultery. Heart desires are considered sin as much as the actual sinful behavior. The consequences are different but the judgment is the same. If multiple sins have occurred with a person, we might print out a sheet just for that one person or situation.

When we acknowledge the painful results from our waywardness, it helps to see the pain from the other person's perspective. We can better identify with those that have suffered from our lives and speak forth a more sincere apology.

Persons Involved
God is always involved. Every caress, every word, every desire shows up on His radar screen. When we do contrary to what He wants, then we as His children need to come back humbly asking for forgiveness. We do not mean that we are saved again. No. Once His child, always His child. We mean instead that we want to be back on talking terms. This is restoration.

Apologies are necessary where possible. We are not just trying to straighten out our relationship with God but also with individuals. The apology needs to go as broad as the offense is known. For example, if a person lusted in his heart, it would be very inappropriate to apologize to that woman. However, if a person's adulterous affair affected a large group in the church, then a public apology is necessary. Apology is not just saying, "I'm sorry." After our confession of wrong, we need to ask them, "Will you please forgive me?"

Restitution given
We need to pay back more than we have stolen or damaged. Even if there was full consent to sexual sins, damage to a person's inner being and relationships occurred. A monetary gift can't fully pay back the pain suffered. We should acknowledge that we can't pay that back. But when we can pay back something, we should. We should be liberal in our giving even if we must suffer. Remember we deserve death for falling short of God's demand. Ask God if there is anything you can do to bring healing.

Confessional prayer
In this confessional prayer we tell God all about what we have done in each of these steps. In a sense it brings a good closure to each problematic area. Write down the date you confessed it. Confession brings forgiveness as well as cleansing and full restoration. An example of a prayer is included on the page following the form. If ever the Accuser would accuse you of these sins, you merely need to proclaim the blood of Christ has set you free from that sin.

On the next page, fill out the form starting with the areas that the Spirit of God brings to your mind. You need to be thorough so print out as many sheets that you need. Feel free to download the pdf file and print it out or simply copy the text into your word processor or e-mail.

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