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PrayBFF#6  June 19, 2001

Dear Prayer Team,

We started a new phase of ministry yesterday! It came unexpectedly. But events and thoughts converged into this new development of the website. Basically it grew out of two concepts.

  1. First is the obvious need to develop a community of God's people who are determined to grow spiritually. An increasing number of God's people are ensnare by worldliness. We need to stand together. We are calling 100,000 men to commit themselves to living by godly principles.

  2. Secondly, I wanted to implement other people's experiences/wisdom into this website. I have been unable to do this so far. In order to encourage more interaction, I will write a monthly theme letter to these men. Before writing, I will ask several questions for their feedback, and if God so moves them to respond, I can incorporate what God is doing in their lives as an encouragement to others.

This is a big step for us to take. But courage is what God's people need . We need to put up that sail in faith that the Spirit of God will fill it. Please do pray. Please take a look at BFF's new home page for details on the first theme. Even though you receive this prayer letter, you need to sign up separately if you want to be one of the 100,000.

Visits to the web site are increasing with over 500 page views a day and 15000 hits a month. This is a big leap since our official start in Feb-March.
We thank God for keeping us from selling our home. The last 4 appointments were all no shows. This ends 1 year of trying to sell our home. For us this means more stability- and probably a bit more clutter around. We have now taken the house off the market for about 5 months and will reevaluate our next step after the birth of #8 (due mid-October).
The new home page is finished along with the unexpected blessing of a new phase of ministry.
The homeschool conference was terrific. Bruce Wilkinson's 7 Laws of Teaching was the most inspirational, but many talks were helpful. We are very thankful for safe travel.
I thank the Lord for a greater acceptance of leadership ( which has been a weakness in my life).

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Pray for 100,000 men in a year's time to commit themselves to godly living.
• Pray for good response in sending in contributions to the theme web letter.
Perseverance in finishing the major project on gaining moral purity. Haven't worked on it recently.
Keep praying for coworkers: editors, detector of browser problems, etc.
Good organization with the additional load of ministry.
• The Lord has been speaking a lot to me about a particular topic somewhat related to intimate relationship with Him. Pray for guidance on how He wants to use those pages of thoughts.
• Pray for discernment and guidance if the Lord would want to start a women's theme letter too. Linda has a great burden for women but right now has a big burden carrying a baby during this hot summer!

Thanks for your participation in this ministry to the ends of the world for God's glory.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda

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