By understanding our worries, we are able to understand our ______________.

2) People have more needs than squirrels and flowers. True/False

3) Man is made in God's image. List the two missing marks of humanity mentioned in this session.

  • Time aware (Hope)

  • –––––––––––––––

  • God aware (Faith)
  • –––––––––––––––

4) From question 3, write down the two traits that animals don't have that enable people to worry.

A combination of ____________________ and __________________ .

5) The historical line chart of man's worries is given below.

a) Put an X at each of the 5 stages.
b) Fill in the title of the second and 5th stages below.

(1) Man before the Fall,  
(2) ___________________________   
(3) Man after the Fall
(4) Man Rescued by Jesus Christ,    
(5) _______________________________

6) Anxiety comes from the lack of ________________.
Another word for this is ______________.

7) Genuine security is founded on the two principles of constancy and protection.
       Why is constancy important?


8) List two reasons you should put your trust for all things in God's hands.

1. ________________________    2. ________________________

9)   We will only have peace in God when we ___________________________________.

We sure are glad you are on this journey!

Why don't you come and join us in Session #3?

Our theme Recognizing Responsibility gives us a special key
that turns despair into opportunity.

Recognizing Our Responsibility

Session #3

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