Discerning between Worry and Concern.

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodIs Worry Really Helpful

One of the most deceptive and disabling excuses is the false belief that worry is helpful.

However, when we take a close look at the terms we use, we find that we confuse worry and concern. Worry by definition is over concern. True worry is never __________!

Let us examine the confusion between worry and concern a bit closer.

Worry distracts us.
Concern focuses us.
Worry disables planning.
Concern helps us plan.
Worry blurs our vision.
Concern clarifies our purpose.
Worry tends to give up.
Concern perseveres.
Worry exaggerates.
Concern pinpoints problems.
Worry focuses on self.
Concern cares for others.

Worry admits to being preoccupied with ones own needs and not being able to find a solution. Anxiety does not motivate us to rightly care for our concerns; it leads only to confusion. Worry keeps our eyes off the Lord who could otherwise strengthen us. Worry blinds us to people we could otherwise help.

We have accepted the "I must care for me before I care for you" philosophy. That is deadly. It is like a tombstone covering our lives. Concern, however, is love that marked off Christ and His disciples from others. They have gone beyond the point of focusing on their own problems so that they can help others with theirs! We actually have a choice before you. You choose.

Worry or love?

Summary on Excuses
Excuses remove us from true healing because they hide the wound. They perpetuate a trash-filled hole in our soul by saying it is tolerable. We cover up a deadly disease that paralyzes us from true concern and care. Worry fritters time and love away that can never be regained.

Can you agree that worry always does you no good?

There were three kinds of excuses discussed:

  • My circumstances are difficult
  • My background is different
  • Worries are sometimes helpful

Each excuse will keep us from overcoming worries as long as we hold to them.

Moving On
Unbelief was the first way to avoid dealing with our worries. Excuses was the second.

Let's look now at the third common way to avoid our worries.   Next page

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodOvercoming Anxiety:

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