Recognizing responsibility.

Recognizing Our Responsibilities

Much like a racer wants no impediments to his running, so we need to put off our worries as they are uncovered.
With two feet on the Bridge of Hope, we are on the way to overcoming our anxieties!

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodRemember our first main steps have more to do with understanding and combating anxiety. As we uncover different difficulties in our lives, we will need to deal with them. We cannot just go through the sessions thinking all will be well. Each difficulty will give us a decision or choice on what we will do. The bridge at first goes upward. This shows that the most difficult decisions need to be dealt with early on in the seminar.

A racer only wears what he has to. He wants nothing to hold him back from winning. In a similar way, we need to make decisions as they are put before us. Don't put them off.

Our last session described why people like you and me worry. Our worries are always linked to insecurities in our heart. We do not worry when we think we can take care of our needs, but when our trust is shown to be unreliable. Then we worry.

We need to be honest on how our _________ _________ are connected to our worries.

We often think that our worries stem from our circumstances rather than our own choices. The psalmist honestly wrote,

"When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Thy consolations delight my soul." (Psalm 94:19)

The word 'my' represents a confession. He himself is troubled by anxious thoughts. The thoughts belong to him. Yes, he is in difficult straits. We will look at that at another time. But here we find the very important thought of accountability. He is taking responsibility for his thoughts. He could stare at the anxious thoughts swirling about his head and acknowledge that they were his.

He acknowledged them.

He accepted accountability for them.

Are we honest with our anxious thoughts?

Let's look at how being accountable for our worries leads us to a breakthrough in combating them.  Next page

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