Our Choice: Worry or Peace.

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodOur Choice

Worry or peace is a life choice. The many assumptions and decisions we make determine whether we end up with worry or peace. Each outcome rests on its own major assumption. Note the two prior assumptions at the top of the list and how they lead to two very different paths. The choice of __________ is the __________ of Jesus Christ.

Worry is normal and acceptable.

Worry is abnormal and unacceptable.

Try to get by in life.

Seek genuine solutions.

Look for superficial patches.

Open to significant changes.

Resort to crisis management and tolerate its high costs.

Take preventative action and welcome the savings. (80% of diseases linked to spiritual problems).

Worry is only temporarily managed with more or less success.

Worry is overcome by a pervasive peace of heart.



Your assumptions determine your outcome.

Each assumption entertains different life choices that become like a long but determined path. The outcome is obvious. Change your prior assumption, and you will change where you end up.

Many are not aware that there is a choice. Ignorance is a basic problem. Most people, even many Christians, strongly assert worries are normal. When we make these assertions, however, then we no longer hold ourselves responsible. We pass the blame onto some thing, some person or some gene.

Worry or peace

is a

life choice.

Responsibility assumes that we have a will. We are humans made in God's image. We are accountable for our choices because we are responsible to our Maker on how we live. Many would suggest humans are but dumb animals and that they should just follow their 'animal instincts.' But this destroys man's ability to make responsible decisions. He 'feels' as if he just has to do what he feels like. He is boxed into his base desires. In this area of anxiety, it would mean they had to accept worry as normal. Man, however, is responsible to make decisions that are in agreement with what God has said about man whom He had designed and made.

We would be wise to remember, that this chart is not meant to be just a one time life decision. Assumptions and decisions are made everyday and reinforce or counter prior ones. We hope to explain the reason for this in another session.

Let's take a personal inventory of areas that we need to be accountable to overcome worries.  Next page

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