Needs  versus wants . chart

Needs Versus Wants

The 'worries of this world' have infiltrated our lives.

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodFor example, this chart shows that our basic wants and needs have tremendously increased in just 100 years of time. The things we might worry about have gone far beyond the mere food, drink and clothing that Jesus spoke about.

The number of our perceived _________ and _________ are directly correlated to the number of the worries in the world. Notice how the simple line graph above so clearly reflects this trend in worries.

Today we mainly worry over wants rather than needs. We are driven by our lusts and worry over them. This is always sinful. Our worry betrays our wayward and worldly hearts. But Jesus goes a step beyond this.

He says it is sinful to worry even about our most basic needs. This is a life style that most of us have not been tested on. Just because we do not worry about the basics, we do not think we have a problem here. But because we have a ready supply of basic needs such as water and food, we are not tested. More than likely we would miserably fail.

Jesus' command to store things up in heaven where no one can take away is the soundest advice we can get.

We gain three things when we do this.

  • We prove we live for the eternal.
  • A deep peace comes to our hearts because all is at rest.
  • Three, we actually have done what brings the greatest profit.
    When we properly invest one talent, we shall gain one city. - see parable.

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