Touching Our Lives

Touching Our LivesOvercome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

Session #3
Recognizing Our Responsibilities

Recognizing our responsibility not to worry and to put our trust in God is important. Fortunately, as Jesus so perfectly illustrated, God is quite willing to work with us to cleanse us from our self-reliance and lead us back to trusting Him for all our needs.

• Principles

What principles were strongly impressed on you today? Circle the ones that are most significant.

  • Worry or peace is a life choice.
  • Worry is a result of many prior assumptions and decisions.
  • Personal responsibility for our worries is one of the keys to eliminating them.
  • Confession through Jesus Christ fully cares for the guilt incurred through anxiety.
  • We think we need more things than we really need.
  • Excuses for our worries strip away our ability to effectively deal with worries.
  • Worry is primarily a heart/spiritual issue.
  • It is a sin to be anxious.
  • Our hearts rather than our circumstances are the causes for our anxieties.
  • Worry never helps us solve our problems.
  • Humility precedes healing; repentance before restoration.
  • We choose either to be preoccupied with ourselves or others (love).

• Applications

What clear decisions, plans, or confessions do I need to make because of what God spoke to me during this session?

  • Am I going to choose peace or worry? What concrete steps do I need to take to go there?

  • List my worries and then pray through each one, confessing them to the Lord.

• Testimonies

What one or two special lessons, stories, illustrations, warnings, etc. can I share with others that might encourage their faith?

  • I am going to use the concerns vs. worry chart to show others that worry is always not helpful.

  • I will tell at least two other people how Jesus got His tax money!

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