Going Deeper - Recognizing Responsibility Intro #3 OA03_01

Going Deeper

Introduction to Session #3: Recognizing Responsibility

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Accept responsibility for our worries and confess out attempts to care for our needs without God's help .

Going Deeper
I remember recently going to a computer software demonstration. They happened to be showing what their recently upgraded computer software could do. As with any demonstration, by the end you are convinced that with their product you will be more productive. You are convinced in your mind. The problem is that you don't have that product! You need to get that item before you gain that productivity.

In sessions one and two we have shown why human beings worry. But this doesn't really help us. We need to go deeper. How? We do this by allowing the truths of God to touch our hearts. Our learning must affect our own lives. Knowledge must become experiential.

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodThis session will enable you to take that big step forward toward eliminating worries and gaining God's peace. Without it, you simply cannot become worry free.

Let us first pray.
Dear Father, we tend to be shallow people. We accept the superficial, the casual, and tend not to run for excellence and completeness. Help us not only to know the truths that set us free, but indeed let them live in our lives to such a degree that we are set free. We want nothing less than what your Word promises to give us. Break through our stubbornness, our blindness and yes , even our worries, so that we might come to your great and glorious peace. In Christ's Name, Amen.

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Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Paul J. Bucknell

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