Mastering the Facts

Session #3
Recognizing Our Responsibilities

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

  • Circle the word from Psalm 94:19 that shows that the Psalmist is making himself accountable for his anxious thoughts.

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Thy consolations delight my soul." (Psalm 94:19)

  • List three assumptions or characteristics of those that worry.

  • Which of the three is not one of the ways to avoid facing your worries? Unbelief, Excuses, Sleepiness (Circle one and write the correct answer in the blank). __________________

  • Unbelief in God's Word will [never sometimes always] hold us back from obtaining God's perfect design. (Circle the correct answer).

  • List the two missing major excuses to avoid accountability for their anxieties.

    • Worries are helpful.

  • Some people don't feel God's Word can help them overcome their anxieties. This is because there is no room for God's Word. They have worries of the _____________. What can be done to make room for God's Word. ___________________

  • "At the beginning of this century, the average American had 72 wants and considered 18 of them important. By the end of the century, the Average American had _________ wants and considered ______ of them as genuine necessities for happiness." Fill in the two numbers.

  • If an anxious person has a chemical imbalance, it is because of physical problems. True or False.

  • Jesus is a good example to follow when we face difficult circumstances. True or False. What verse(s) affirms this? _______________

We hope your journey is a lot easier now that you have seriously faced up to your worries and confessed them.

In Session #4, we will find how to keep from worrying by detecting anxious thoughts going through our minds.

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