Touching our Lives is principles, applications and testimony for session #2 of the Overcoming Anxiety Seminar.

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

Touching Our Lives

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering GodWe now understand where worries come from. With the problem of Adam's misplaced trust, we find that our task to get rid of anxieties is to put our trust back in God. Let's now focus on those key lessons that enable us to do that very thing.

• Principles

What principles were strongly impressed on you today? Circle the ones that are most significant.

  • Animals don't worry. Only human beings can worry because he is time and self aware.

  • Worries do affect a person's physical, emotional and spiritual life, but worry is primarily a spiritual problem.

  • God designed man to live without worry.

  • Man made a blunder when he thought there was a better way than trusting God to care for his needs.

  • Worldly peace depends on whether those things he trusts remain secure.

  • Insecurity results in seeing those things in which we trust failing to provide for us.

  • All those things we trust in life except for God will ultimately fail us.

  • When things that we have trusted in are taken away, then man is humbled and open for other solutions.

  • God has provided a solution to overcoming worries through Jesus Christ. In Christ's sacrifice God has shown His power and love for mankind. God is willing to care for man. We only need to put our trust back in Him.

• Applications

What clear decisions, plans, or confessions do I need to make because of what God spoke to me during this session?

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