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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

Romans 7:1-12 Basic Study Questions


Romans 7:1-12 Basic Study Questions
Introduction Romans 1-3:20: Read |Audio mp3 | Video
Introduction Romans 3:21-8: Read | Audio mp3 | Video
Introduction Romans 9-16 : Read | Audio mp3 | Video

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Romans 7:1-12 Bible Study: Freed from Sin and Enslaved to God shows how the believer is free from the Law (OT covenant) and by the flesh is unable to carry out God's commands.

(1) Straightening Out The Legal Aspects (Romans 7:1-6)

  1. Paul begins chapter 7 by diving into some legal principles. What principle is stated in Romans 7:1?

  2. What example does he give in Romans 7:2?

  3. What two cases does Paul give to further clarify the example in verse 2 (see Romans 7:3)? 

  4. How does he apply this second case to our Christian lives (Romans 7:4)?

  5. We are free from the power of the Law but in that process become bound to another. Who is that (Romans 7:4)?

  6. What result does that new relationship have upon our lives (Romans 7:4)?

  7. Well then, what was the result or fruit of that old relationship to the Law (Romans 7:5)?

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  8. Why did that old relationship to the law bring about such terrible effects on lives (5)?

  9. Go back to verses 7:1-2 and review the proper way to be released from the legal contract. Fill in the wonderful consequences of believing in Christ and being freed from the Law (6).

    “... so that we serve in the _________________________.”

    “...and not (serve) in the ___________________________.”

(2) Problem Is Not The Law But Me (Romans 7:7-12)

  1. If this is the case (see verses 1-6), does this mean that the Law is sinful (Romans 7:7)?

  2. What example does Paul give to show us that the Law is not sin (Romans 7:7)?

  3. Read Exodus 20:17. What is coveting?

  4. Is it a sinful heart or the commandment (the Law) that produced covetousness (Romans 7:8)? 

  5. Is it true during part of our lives that Paul and ourselves are free from the Law (Romans 7:9)? __________

  6. What stage in our life might that be? (No answer in the text).

  7. What is the intent of the commandment (Romans 7:10)?

  8. What did sin do through the commandment (Romans 7:11)?

  9. Write down the adjectives describing the Law and commandment in Romans 7:12.

  10. List at least three changes you desire to take place in your life because of these verses.




    Bonus questions on Romans 7:1-12

  • We know it is our sinful self that sins, but how is it that the Law actually intensifies the sin?

  • Does verse 9 teach us anything in regards to the teaching of an age of accountability? This teaching asserts one is not accountable for his sins until a certain age usually around 12.

Romans 7:1-12 Basic Study Questions

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