Pray BFF #100                               October 25, 2006

Dear Prayer Team,

The Great Race!

With only 9 weeks left, the end of a year becomes a great artificial finish line. My goal is to finish several major projects that I have by the end of 2006. What inspired me? My October schedule was lighter, with preaching only a few times and, of course, the number of "I need to finish that sometime" list was piling up. God has already helped me in some ways. But much more needs to be done.

å Last week a pastor asked me to help him produce the powerpoint slides for the Overcoming Anxiety seminar. This was one of those long lost-between-the-cracks projects that I had intended to work on! Now I had motivation. He wanted to start using them within two weeks time. Fortunately, this was the time allocated for big project cleanup. Each of the ten sessions required about 14 slides. Thanks to the Lord, I already had most of the work done, but it still had to be copied and pasted and reformatted in many cases. I am so glad for faster and more up-to-date programs. It is all done. Praise the Lord!

å Another project was to present the India messages in both printable and web format. This took several weeks to do, but it is done except for some minor editing. At the same time, I was asked by someone for the articles. I realized that I desperately needed to make an index for the past three pastor training seminars. My end goal is to inspire others with good material to be used to train others. The index needed to be clear and available. Praise God for helping me to get this done. I need to do a bit more, but it is largely finished.

åThe BFF store had some major difficulties of late. People couldn't use it to make purchases. My end goal is to get a better provider rather than the free one Paypal has, but I do praise God that it now seems to be working. Paypal helped identify the trouble and a change in some web page coding brought it up to speed. Praise God! When the store works correctly, it saves me a huge amount of time. It serves as a great organizer. Without it, not only can we not serve people (because they give up), but we do it in a worse way. This only reminds me of how much can now be done because of modern tools.

å I have worked through a few mini series and finished putting them on the web, and fixed the powerpoint slides as needed. This includes the series on helping parents deal with rebellious teens. In that case, I spoke in Chinese so needed to produce an English edition. I reformatted "Talking with Liberals" as part of our series on how to evangelize.

• There are a number of big projects to work on. Do I dare mention them? The largest by far is the book on Faith Counseling. Many have asked for it but the last third of the book needs heavy editing. Each time I enter that book, I am thoroughly excited. There are a lot of pages because I am introducing a new concept/ approach to counseling. There are about twelve topic/ areas to work through like depression and bitterness. I need to put the 'Running the Race: Overcoming Sexual Lusts' in printable form. This was our very first seminar for the web. It actually was never fully finished, but it has been widely used. In the meantime, I have referred them to our large list of other articles that deal with appropriate articles. We will stop our list here but do pray for discipline to work on the tedious editing.

The Hobbler

Each fall I have the urge not only to finish up my major web projects but also to get needed house projects done before the cold sets in. Last Saturday was the day I was waiting for so that I could paint the outside trim around Elizabeth's (also used to be Christy's) bedroom window. It was a beautiful day. I finished putting everything away and sat down at my desk to resume my editing projects. My back went from okay to bad very quickly. In the end, I had to hold the walls to maneuver around. Later, I started using my old crutches. The pain is subsiding. I have been able to work at a reduced load but my laptop in bed has helped the work move on. Do pray for full healing.

Going to the Movies

I have put together a 5 minute video of the 2006 trip to India. We very much appreciated your prayer. I have introduced the short movie on another webpage. The many men you see are not different church scenes but pastors and evangelists gathered for the pastor conferences. Join in their enthusiasm! Check out the web page. Sorry but fast speed is required.

Thanks to God

Many larger projects have been finished!
God has blessed the missions messages.
Paul has been able to recuperate.
Thankful for how the Lord has helped Paul and Linda work together since she has taken up Children's Ministry coordinator at church.
Praise God for helping the store page to function normally.

Requests to God

Paul will be speaking several times during November. Pray especially for Nov 5th as Linda might be out of town and Paul needs to preach and teach that day.
Ask the Lord of the harvest that fruit remain. 
Pray for ongoing needs for Pastor Stephen. Thank the Lord for bringing a special work of the Lord in his church where six were baptized.
  Pastor Alberto will be speaking at family seminars in Argentina in November.
Keep praying for BFF's finances.
Help for Paul's back.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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Serving Together for the Glory of God,
Paul  Bucknell

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