Pray BFF #67                                   January 7, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

Lots of NextSteppers

Thanks so much for your prayers! The Chinese Mission Conference was tremendous. Our Next Step team and other coworkers worked smoothly together to counsel about 65 people considering full-time service. Many were making a first time commitment to full-time service. A few were involved in some ministry but really wanted to talk and pray about the future. We praise God for this opportunity to serve. I heard again and again from our own coworker team that this opportunity to serve actually helped them in their own journey to full-time service.

A Good Time of Self-examination

Paul is very thankful for the messages from Os Guinness at a pre-conference symposium. It was as if God was using these thoughts to help him examine and improve the BFF website. He was shocked to discover that some authors do not really write but ask 'ghostwriters' to write for them. People preach and teach what they do not live or believe.

Although the web is a powerful medium, it lacks in personal connectivity.   Without this personal influence, its effectiveness drops way down. The advantage of discipleship is that you personally know the one discipling you. God knew that this was so important that He sent His only Son.

We need to find some means to break through this modern wall of “impersonality”. We want to increase the BFF readers' ability to see that we do indeed live what we teach. We welcome your suggestions. Some small steps have already being taken. Keep praying that Paul would understand how to be a godly leader.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Paul was extremely busy at the mission conference and found it hard to focus prayer on BFF website activities. He prayed to the Lord that this month would have the greatest activity. The Lord did something. The website had a one day spike of 15 times greater than usual (pages visited).

We give thanks that the backlog of work has been lightened this week. The Acts maps were reworked. The "Home Visitation with Purpose" article was uploaded. Praise to God that we also got our John update sent out (collection of John articles).

We are very thankful for the many people who personally thanked Paul for the help they found in the leadership training materials. Some are now being translated into Chinese. This is a result of your many prayers!

Paul joined two others in training about 70 pastors at the conference. They presented not only the theory and Biblical concepts for "The Flow" but how it can work out practically in their church. It was very well received.

Praise God for Linda's ability to edit material even with her busy schedule.

We are grateful to hear news that those we know in India are safe from the tsunami.

Paul was extremely blessed by Os Guinness's messages at the conference. Pray for wisdom as he thinks of ways to make the website more personal.

Paul finished up a number of other articles instead of working on the 'Faith Counseling' series. It still awaits him (and Linda).

The NextStep Team now needs to follow up the 65 people that are seeking God's direction. This means we need to contact the NextSteppers as well as their pastors and/or mission chairmen (not easy an easy task!).

Paul and Linda are both teachings Sunday School these Sundays.

India: Pray for Vijay as he leads a pastor's seminar on marriage January 9-10.

Paul still seeks God's priorities for BFF and for his time in the coming year.

Numerous people around the world are using BFF materials. They love the Biblical content, the topics addressed and the free price!

Pray for an east coast Chinese Christian training center (not ours) as it opens this spring. Numerous things must be accomplished before this happens.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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