Pray BFF #68                                   February 2, 2005

Dear Prayer Team,

Perspective on Future Labors

Your prayers have been answered! Paul has been praying about what God wants for this year; several opportunities have been given.

Preaching & teaching: Many opportunities to preach and teach have arisen mainly in our home church. Paul loves preaching and teaching and is thankful for these opportunities both in Chinese and in English.

Web expansion: We have already added about 30 pages to the website this year. We expect this will continue. Most of the material is new; other material is reworked from old notes. A lot of the new ones are accompanied by PowerPoint slideshows.

Four book titles: Four major works are on Paul's heart. One is largely completed. Another is in the beginning stages. The last two are in dream stage. Is it possible to have all four drafts done by the end of the year?

Library development: We are hoping to publish our first training Library on The FLOW by the end of the summer. In the future many of the seminars could be converted to this format. Each of the seminars will be divided into handy 30 minute voiced slideshows which will allow time for discussion. More hardware and software is needed to accomplish this project.

Publishing: Some of our materials are far too long for the web. People say they can't read more than a few pages at a time. Book form could be a solution. Perhaps we can publish our first book this year. Our real hope is to acquire a color laser printer that prints on both sides. We hope to publish the materials right in our office as a small home business. This would make it possible to adapt the materials according to need.

ADT (Advanced Discipleship Training): God has burdened Paul's heart to aid in the completion of the Great Commission by training pastors and Christian workers in India and China. He hopes to return to India in the fall. As to China, he is continuing to pray. Several opportunities of service to Chinese outside of China have come about. These include an upcoming training seminar as well as a recent pastors seminar and Next Step follow-up. Paul has encouraged a few publishers to consider translating some material for use on the mainland.

This is enough for a year, but I am sure there will be surprises! We have only come this far by God's grace. We only can accomplish any of these future goals by His amazing grace. You have prayed for us. We thank you. We hope you will continue to pray for us.

Advice and Prayers for the Needy

I kind of drifted into your website.  I was not searching anything biblical or christian but it hit.   I was raised christian, christian schools, was even in ministry with my husb for many yrs - now I feel nothing and find myself doubting God and loosing my faith.   I have even contemplated suicide more then once.  I just am so tired of all of this.   Any suggestions?

Do we need to say more? Pray for S. and such people God is drawing back to Himself.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Vijay gives thanks to the Lord that a number of people came to know the Lord in India during the week of outreach. The pastors' training also went well.

The main part of filing taxes is done!

Thank the Lord for safety in traveling to New Jersey late at night for a meeting regarding the Next Steppers.

The four classes on Acts were very exciting especially as the lessons are very applicable to our new and growing international congregation.

Some final editing has been done on the latest book-size training materialミ'Faith Counseling: Developing a Practical Approach to Biblical Counseling.'

We are thankful for the God-given opportunity for our church to purchase our own building in Oakland. This has long been considered an impossibility. Now it is becoming a reality. We are getting the building for less than 1/4 of the asking price.

Praise God for one more person to financially support the BFF ministry!

Sunday, Feb. 6, Paul will teach a parenting class in Florida! It just so happens that one church using the parenting materials is a big church right next to Paul's mom.

Safety and rest for the family as we drive to visit Paul's parents in Florida. Our littlest one just started feeling poorly.

Pray that the training materials for the Next Steppers are translated quickly so that they can be used in the Next Step follow-up.

A Chinese parenting class will start in March. Pray for parents that want God's way for their lives and families.

Paul and Linda will condense the marriage seminar into 2 or 3 classes for a cell group. It is impossible but we still seek God's great blessing. A good number do not know the Lord. It will largely be in Chinese. (Feb 25)

Pray for God to minister to people like S. who are confronted by God's truths as they are presented on the website.

Pray for one Next Step couple that is in our church (Li). They have a burden to reach high-schoolers in Taiwan. Stepping into fulltime ministry is a big step. They plan to move back to Taiwan in August.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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