Pray BFF #66                                   November 29, 2004

Dear Prayer Team,

A Busy Keyboard

We thank the Lord for extra strength and focus for Paul as he writes. A number of articles have been rewritten and edited. Two new series are in various stages of development. One is almost complete. Editing has begun. Paul is excited about the Faith Counseling series. He hopes it will bring change to the way the church cares for needy people and how Christians care for one another.

More often than not, Christians in our society have given up biblical exhortation. The main reason is that many do not think God's Word is effective in addressing our problems. So Christian after Christian turns to other 'priests' for counsel. Rarely do they turn to God's Word.

Because counseling is seen as being done only by "professionals" even pastors do not attempt to counsel others. Some are afraid. We believe God wants to renew pastors, elders and other laypeople to equip themselves to lead God's people from their sins. This is our calling as God's people. Keep praying as Paul puts the final touches on this series that enables God's people to escape the clutches of sin and be secure in the loving hands of God.

Web Flux

Due to Paul's preoccupation with the India trip, web attendance went down. Search engines partly rate the relevance of a webpage in its priority searching by how often the web site is added to. The decrease wasn't much but it was some. Fortunately, the readership is back up close to normal. Holidays will affect readership some too.

We are so glad to see people from Eastern European countries like Poland and Arab countries like United Arab Emirates along with many from Asia reading BFF's web articles.

Thanks to God!

Requests to God

Praise God for enabling Paul to preach several messages from the Gospel of John. You can read the latest message at 'Rivers of Living Waters' on John 7:27-29 . Use this along with his powerpoint (12 mb).

Thankfully Paul and Linda are feeling better. Several young ones are under the weather.

Praise God for the completion of a larger article for the Chinese mission conference entitled, "Taking the Next Step."

Paul has been able to get a lot done despite his illness. The one series is almost done!

Elizabeth has been getting lots of drawing done.

Paul still seeks God's priorities for BFF and for his time in the coming year.

Time for Paul's wife, Linda, to help edit. Pray for other volunteer editors.

Wisdom for Paul as he writes two new series.

12/2 Paul is training counselors for the Chinese mission conference.

Paul is speaking on December 12th.

Pastor Stephen has started translating the Overcoming Anxiety seminar into Telugu. He hopes to finish by April.

Elizabeth is due home from India in the middle of December.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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