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Learning God's Way of Rescuing the Family

Family Article Index

Paul J. Bucknell

Understanding God's Design | Learning God's Way of Rescuing the Family | Embracing God's Goals for the Family | Questions
Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting main index

The institution of the family has been going for a rough tumble in this last generation. People have lost hope for marriage, the building block of the family and society. Loose morals have caused a great number of people to abandon marriage for the more informal experience of living together.

Our Family in 2003As a result, this generation's children have suffered. Lacking love, God's standards, self-discipline and a vision for godly living, they idle away their time, waste their cash and often defile their bodies. If it wasn't for distractions called television, movies and games, the parents would be forced to notice their mistakes much earlier on. As it is, parents assume their children who are controlled by modern media are safe from extreme dangers. Don't we know this is not true?

The material below is designed for two kinds of parents.

(1) The parents who grew up in a generation knowing next to nothing of good parenting. They are looking on how to start a good family.

(2) The parents who are trying to improve their parenting. Some are struggling, maybe on the verge of giving up. Others are trying to go back to the biblical foundations for parenting.
The BFF Parenting Library has all the Biblical Parenting Principles for Toddlers materials in printable form as well as the available Powerpoint slideshows and handouts for Family Digital Libraryeach session.
We have even now inlcuded 9 full length Parenting videos (or audios). Click the picture for more information. Loads of teaching materials too. More info.
Or look at the BFF Marriage Library.

Our own family has gone through most of the problems families face twice. With eight children, some fully grown and our youngest at 18 months, we can see the whole process at once. We see the results of what works and what doesn't work. But even more, we have carefully studied and applied God's Word to parenting. You will be astonished to see how clearly God cares for you by presenting you answers for your practical parenting problems with lots of charts and graphics!

Check below for the topics you might be interested in!

Parenting Challenges

Having a great marriage is the best start for being good parents. See our Marriage Navigator for more than 60 articles on marriage!

Parenting Perspectives

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Parenting Seminars

For Prebirth, Birth and Infant

For Toddlers and Up

Index: Godly Beginnings for the Family

Godly Beginnings for the Family series helps parents start right: filled with lots of practical advice for prebirth, birth and postbirth accompanied with reading, handouts and clear illustrations on early training.

Principles and Practices of Biblical Parenting

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Principles and Practices of Biblical Parenting

– Raising Godly Children –

Paul and Linda Bucknell

Principles and Practices of Biblical Parenting provides helpful teaching on forming a godly family. This series provides good reading material with handouts and diagrams. |Chinese

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