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Overcome anxiety

This 10 session seminar (free) further develops the training introduced here to overcome anxiety.


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Overcoming Anxiety: Lesson #5

Possessing God's Precious Peace

Discipleship Level 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity

Paul J. Bucknell

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Purpose: Our goal is to help you overcome your anxiety and find God's peace. Since we do not have the privilege of personal discussion, we have provided several work sheets or exercises that can help you more thoroughly accomplish these goals. Possessing God's Precious Peace: Overcoming Anxiety is the fifth lesson in the Discipleship Level 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity.

Exercises on overcoming worry and anxiety (#1-4)

Tools to facilitate this process

A person needs to be thorough in his dealings with worry. It is much more difficult to handle worry when one is worried.

There are several ways the evil one is able to keep us from getting at the roots of our anxiety. Remember how one of our objectives is to set you free from anxiety so that you praise God and can share about God's power with others. The better you are able to communicate the changes that took place in you, the better.

Here are some trouble points to look out for.

  1. Difficult to discover one's own anxiety.
  2. Hard to admit your anxiety due to pride.
  3. Trouble identifying the disbelief in your anxious heart.
  4. Wonder whether God can really help you with your anxiety (this is just another form of worry!)
  5. I know the truth about God, but I can't really believe it.

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity bookWorry brings other complicating factors in. We have provided four separate exercises to facilitate the process of understanding, detecting and avoiding worry.

{Please note the exercises are included in the book, Reaching Beyond Mediocrity. Click the picture above for details.}

(1) Observe your anxious responses.

The earlier we discover our worry the better. We should note what happens to us at different stages when being tempted with worry and later giving in to worry.

Once you write down these signs, you can sharpen your skills at detecting worry in yourself and others. List them under different categories: physical, emotional and spiritual.

This is a simple self-evaluation to see if you typically worry.

(2) Trace your anxious thoughts and responses

Take a certain situation where you were recently worried and make observations about what happened. The list of questions will guide you through the process.

Many times we do not understand our own responses to worry. This exercise helps us to see what we actually do do.

(3) Preventing Anxiety

It is important to prevent anxiety from ever happening. It is a bit tricky at first because we are worried before we are aware of it! But it doesn't have to happen this way.

We can help focus on when we become worried by discovering what triggered the worry in the first place. This simple diagram helps you focus on what happened when.

(4) Combating worry

When you succumb to temptation, suggested thoughts from the evil one guide your thoughts and decisions. This chart helps you discover what those thoughts are. These will be the lies that you believe.

One observes them by noticing the thoughts that go over and over in your mind. Once you find one, write them down and think if there are any others. In the right column, write down the opposite thought. This is almost always the truth and what we should believe. After this, write scriptures that support the truth.

Ten sessions on overcoming anxiety



Check out the full ten session seminar on overcoming anxiety and finding God's peace. Each step is carefully presented using many colorful graphics and diagrams.