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struggles and excuses for evangelism

Always Ready for Evangelizing
1 Peter 3:15-16

Conversions by the roadside

Two conversions!

Sharing with the cults

Witnessing to the Cults

Witnessing and going

Matthew 9:35-38
Going into His Harvest

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A Spiritually balanced Life

The New Birth & Evangelism

Another Look at How to Share the Gospel or Witness


- A video podcast -

Paul J. Bucknell


Better understand the process of gaining a new spiritual life in the video message on the Bible study on 1 Peter 1:23-25. Also learn how Paul witness or share the gospel with most individuals in our modern society.

Questions from the listeners will help work through some of the misunderstandings. If there are other questions, email me (below) and I will try to post an answer below!Life Lessons for New Believers

Learn more on how to witness. Just click the podcast to listen in! And don't forget to answer the questions at the bottom. We do not need to know all the answers to witness. We only need to understand how God has helped us despite our messy and sinful life.


Click below to view the podcast on how to evangelize! If you want to download the podcast or mp3, go further to the bottom.

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Introduction | Video podcast | mp3


water• A few questions on witnessing


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