Touching Our Lives

Session #6

• Principles

What principles were strongly impressed on you today? Circle the ones that are most significant.

  • Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookRelying on our own resources is the problem not the solution.
  • The battle is held in a spiritual field that we can't see; this is why many fail.
  • Behind our personal difficulties lie invisible spiritual issues.
  • Our own tactics and weapons are unable to correct our personal problems.
  • Special weapons of divine origin are designed to destroy these fortresses (strongholds).
  • God brings us into difficult circumstances so that we see how His weapons work.
  • The two principles to overcome worry are destroying lies and meditating on truth.
  • Lies are like seeds that always lead to disobedience.
  • There is no neutral ground. Do nothing and be controlled by lies.
  • We must take truth and let it like seed grow up in our lives producing godly lives.
  • Discernment will enable us to connect thoughts, beliefs and actions.
  • Influence what a person believes, and you have control over that person.
  • Meditation on God's Word is an excellent spiritual discipline to control ones mind.

• Applications

What clear decisions, plans, or confessions do I need to make because of what God spoke to me during this session?

  • Wrong thoughts lead to wrong words, attitudes, words and actions. Take a moment and write down anything that you need to straighten out with God.

  • If we only were humble enough to accept the rebuke of a brother, we would be protected from so much danger. Exercise: Try to think of two people. The first person you know would welcome a kind rebuke from God's Word. The second would avoid it. Which person are you more like?

  • I need to take firmer action in bringing God’s Word to my mind and will.

• Testimonies

What one or two special lessons, stories, illustrations, warnings, etc. can I share with others that might encourage their faith?

  • God has completely revolutionized by life by meditating on His Word. There are so many illustrations of the powerful effects of God's Word in my life. The first and most important was when I was studying my first year of university. The Christian group taught me the importance of reading my Bible every day. Each day I would study it and apply it to my life with prayer and application. The first semester was not over before I was convinced I should be a missionary even though I really didn't know from church what they were!

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